Top 5 After-Gym Snacks

Top 5 After-Gym Snacks

May 2nd 2018


Do you love to exercise? Whether you take boot camp classes, go to yoga or lift weights, hitting the gym is good for your mind and your body. You can decrease stress through physical exertion. You also improve your cardiovascular health and strength.

Of course, the best part about working out is knowing you can look forward to a tasty treat afterward. While you don't want to over-indulge, you do need to top off your tank to help reduce muscle soreness and repair the micro-tears that occur when you push your body. Here are five perfect snacks to eat after going to the gym that will give you the ideal blend of healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates.

1. Trail Mix

Trail mix satisfies so many of the requirements of snacks to eat post-workout. You can make a salty mix to replenish your diminished electrolytes. You can add a few M&Ms to satisfy your hankering for something sweet. And the nuts, dried fruit and seeds all have plenty of fiber to benefit your digestive system. Not sure what to put in your mix? Try this fun combo:

2. Apple and Peanut Butter Pretzels

Post-workout, many people want something crunchy and satisfying. You get both when you chomp on an apple and peanut butter pretzels. The apple provides a potent dose of antioxidants, which can help ward off disease as well as restore the glycogen your muscles lose during a hard workout. The peanut butter pretzels are the type of healthy treat you can enjoy without feeling guilty after a tough session, especially since peanuts have loads of protein.

3. Greek Yogurt Spinach Smoothie

When you're hot and sweaty, you want the snacks you eat after your workout to cool you down. A smoothie made from fruit, ice and Greek yogurt will have you feeling cooler in no time. In a blender, combine one frozen banana, a half-cup of frozen strawberries, a handful of spinach, three ice cubes and three-quarters of a cup of Greek yogurt. Blend until smooth and garnish with organic dried mango slices.

4. Low-Fat Cheese and Sesame Sticks

Another reason to eat a salty snack after exercising? To make you even more thirsty. You should drink at least 16 ounces of water after you go to the gym. By chomping on something salty, such as low-fat cheese of your choosing and sesame sticks, you ensure you will get rehydrated in a flash. You'll be reaching for your water throughout your snack.

5. Granola

Nothing hits the spot like a bowl of maple pecan granola with your choice of dairy or nondairy milk splashed on top. Granola marries several of the most important qualities you want in a post-workout snack, including lots of fiber, iron and carbohydrates. Combined with the protein from the milk, granola will help you avoid any post-gym energy letdown you may experience if you don't grab a quick snack.

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