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Mocha Coffee Lentils - Sincerely Nuts

Mocha Coffee Lentils

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    Mocha Coffee Lentils

    Bright and beautifully shaped, our mocha coffee lentils are destined to become one of your favorite snacks. If you're a lover of all things java, then this coffee flavored candy will definitely hit the right spot.

    The lentil-shaped candies have that seductive flavor of freshly brewed coffee, and are the perfect treat to perk up your spirits in the middle of the work day or at night when you are winding down.

    The crunchy sugary coating and the chocolaty center blends texture deliciously to make every bite an experience in scrumptiousness.

    Order this delectable mocha coffee lentil candy in 1-pound or 5-pound bags. You can even get bulk mocha coffee lentils in 5-pound cases if you want more than enough to satisfy you for a long time or put in gift baskets.

    Mocha Coffee Lentils to the Rescue

    We've all had the uncomfortable realization we need a gift and do not have time to shop. When you find yourself in that situation, you will be glad you have some mocha coffee lentil candy on hand.

    Bring the chocolate lentils out the next time you have guests over and surprise them with sweets that will go great with any hot beverage. You can also use their enticing hue of brown and black to decorate desserts, or even bake them into a cake for a delightful treat that will tantalize all taste buds.

    Want some other ways to use mocha coffee lentils? Follow these tips:

    • Elevate your trail mix by adding mocha coffee lentil candy to nuts, seeds and dried fruits. The mocha coffee lentil combination adds the right amount of sweetness and gives you an energy kick to boot.
    • Add mocha coffee lentils to your yogurt for a delicious parfait-like dessert that has fewer calories than a traditional parfait.
    • Sprinkle mocha coffee lentil candy on top of your iced brownie bars, cookies, cakes and cream pies. Just a few mocha coffee lentils can turn any dessert from ordinary to extraordinary.

    Of course, one of the best ways to eat mocha coffee lentils is right from the bag or your hand! Be careful, though — they are really addictive in a good way.

    Freshness Guaranteed With Every Case or Bag of Bulk Mocha Coffee Lentils

    Never worry your mocha coffee lentil candy will arrive at your door in anything but the best condition.

    We ensure that every bag is perfectly sealed, giving you the confidence of buying coffee flavored candy online and having it delivered to your doorstep in the freshest condition. So whether you decide to buy coffee candy bulk bags for a party or a single one for snacking, you'll enjoy mouthwatering taste and texture.

    To keep your mocha coffee lentil candy as fresh as possible in your home, office or commercial setting, store your bags in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing your mocha coffee lentils as extremely cold temperatures can change the texture of this wonderfully delicious sweet.