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White Cookie Chips - Sincerely Nuts

White Cookie Chips

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    White Chocolate Chips

    You may be accustomed to eating milk or dark chocolate chips. Perhaps you even indulge in peanut butter chips. But have you tried white chocolate chips lately?

    White chocolate chips, sometimes referred to as white cookie chips, have a unique flavor. Silky and smooth in texture that easily melts in the mouth, the white chocolate chips are great to be used as garnishing in ice cream flavors, desserts and cookies. If you are health conscious, add a handful of these white milk chocolate chip cookies with your daily bowl of yogurt to satisfy your appetite and hunger successfully.

    Sincerely Nuts makes ordering high-quality white chocolate chips a breeze. Simply choose between 1-pound or 5-pound bags of white chocolate chips, or order a 25-pound case.

    Cooking With White Chocolate Chips

    Do you have white chocolate chips in your pantry at the moment? If not, you will want to make sure you stock up on the essentials.

    From cupcakes to cookies and brownies, all sweet snack items can be made more enticing with the help of these cookie chips. Below are some of our favorite ways to elevate your baking and food preparation game with white chocolate chips:

    • Add white chocolate chips whenever recipes call for other types of chocolate chips. You can use white chocolate chips alone or with the other variety of chips to add new flavor mixtures and increase the visual interest of a baked good.
    • Include white chocolate chips in your next smoothie. If you have a powerful blender or smoothie maker, the white chocolate chips may completely disappear. However, you will still detect their rich flavor as you sip your morning, afternoon or after-gym drink.
    • Decorate your cakes and pies with little white chocolate chips. They make beautiful contrasts against darker icing, such as chocolate icing or dyed fondant.
    • Top your yogurt and cottage cheese with a sprinkling of white chocolate chips. You do not need to overdo it to get a nice little sweet kick out of your treat.
    • Include white chocolate chips into fruit salads. Because white chocolate chips melt at higher temperatures than dark and milk chocolate chips, you can feel comfortable adding white chocolate chips to fruit salads for picnics. Your guests will love the new flavor white chocolate chips add to a fruit bowl.
    • Top morning hot cereals with a few white chocolate chips. Oatmeal, grits and related grains come to life with white chocolate chips. Plus, you will not have to add any other sweeteners to your daily breakfast.
    • Melt white chocolate chips and dip strawberries and other fruits in. This is an especially yummy dessert when you want something a little lighter than a cake, cookie or pie.

    Play around in your kitchen and discover how white chocolate chips can be a baker's best friend!

    Freshness You Can Taste for Months

    You can store this pack for six months without refrigeration. Be sure to keep your white chocolate chips you buy in bulk in a cool, dry place to avoid melting.