Maple Pecan Granola - Sincerely Nuts
Maple Pecan Granola - Sincerely Nuts

Maple Pecan Granola

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    Maple Pecan Granola

    If you have been blessed with a sweet tooth but worry about eating treats with artificial colors and flavors, relax and reach for our maple pecan granola. This organic healthy snack food is made of natural organic food products like organic whole rolled oats, organic crisp brown rice, organic sunflower seeds, organic maple syrup, organic oat flour and organic vanilla. It also contains some Calcium and Iron and is cholesterol free.

    Feel good about snacking again with a little help from maple pecan granola courtesy of Sincerely Nuts!

    Maple Pecan Granola Belongs in Your Kitchen

    Every cook or baker has staple items in the kitchen. Flour. Organic sugar. Eggs. If you love to test new recipes and wow your family and friends with classics, be sure to include an airtight container of bulk maple pecan granola as one of your kitchen must-haves.

    Like any type of granola, maple pecan granola can perk up a wide variety of recipes. In fact, you probably made something this week — or perhaps this morning — that could benefit from a little granola love!

    Check out some of our favorite ways to sneak a little granola into your everyday meals and snacks.

    • Top yogurt, smoothies and even ice cream or frozen yogurt with a spoonful or two of maple pecan granola.
    • Turn pancakes and waffles into masterpieces by adding crushed granola on top of your favorite type of syrup.
    • Mix maple pecan granola into your cake, quick bread and cookie batters to add a new dimension to the final product.
    • Crush sweet granola into fine bits and scatter it onto your savory veggie bakes and gratins for unexpected flavors.
    • Add granola to your hot oatmeal or grits for a morning pick-me-up.
    • Bag granola with dried fruits, shelled nuts, chocolate chips and sesame snacks for a personalized, on-the-go trail mix.
    • Shake a spoonful of granola onto your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a truly crunchy lunch delight.

    It is fun and rewarding to experiment with your bulk maple pecan granola. Be sure to buy enough maple pecan granola so you never run out.

    Granola Storage Tips and Hints

    Although you probably will eat your maple pecan granola quickly, you still need to store it properly. Be certain that your preferred container, whether plastic, metal or glass, offers a tight seal. This will keep your granola crunchy and fresh-tasting for the long haul.

    Another storage hint includes freezing pre-measured amounts of granola that you plan to use in recipes. That way, you will have enough on hand to throw into your banana bread batter or to spoon onto your hot oatmeal while it is cooking in the pan or after microwaving.

    Maple Pecan Granola Ingredients

    What will you find when you take a closer look at the maple pecan granola you love? Only the best ingredients you can imagine! Our bulk maple pecan granola starts with high-quality oats and cane sugar. Not only can you taste the difference, but you can see that your granola only contains what you want. Rounding out the ingredients are natural seasonings to boost the flavors and complement the earthy sweetness of maple syrup and pecans.

    Want to see exactly what you will get when you buy maple pecan granola? Check out the ingredients list for yourself: