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"These nuts are always fresh and tasty. Love how yummy they are. I have seen reviews saying they LOOK dirty and they are NOT the skin of the nuts sometimes flakes off but that is totally normal. These nuts have NO WHEAT which surprisingly is used in many other nut products (take a look) and my family has some gluten issues. I would recommend these easily. I also use them in baking and they work great. Oh and my birds think they are awesome too!"


"It amazed me that unsalted cashew nuts are so delicious. You'll find yourself eating handfuls; there's no such thing as nibbling on a few. They are vitamin enriched and a wholesome snack for the entire family. I will buy them again."


"This is my FIFTH order for these excellent cashews. They are unsalted. I mix them with SINCERELY NUTS salted cashews so the salt level is cut in half--hopefully. These cashews are 99 percent whole large cashews; very few pieces and no 'dust.'

If you are a lover of cashews then this is for you. The price could be steep or reasonable - haven't purchased these nuts in a long time but for 'whole' cashews these are truly 'whole' and delicious, fresh and crisp.

UPDATE: I've priced cashews at several stores and found that this is really a good and fair price....especially if you have Prime! They really deserve a TEN!"

Have had a number of orders from Sincerely Nuts and enjoyed the freshness and taste of their products. Prices are right in line with everyone else. Will continue to order from them.

Sincerely Nuts products are fresh and tasty unlike the ones you might purchase in stores. Their prices on bulk sesame and sunflower seeds are much better than you will find in stores and are significantly better in quality. The pistachio nuts are superior to any I have had previously. This is a very good company , good service and quality products. I have become a big believer after my second order with them. This is the place to get quality nuts, seeds and snacks at reasonable prices.

It was very easy to order what we needed. Prices are reasonable as is P&H. We liked very much Organic almonds as well Organic Turkish Figs. Those figs taste delicious, are soft.... all you wish to have in this product. Many thanks.

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