Carob Chips
Carob Chips

Carob Chips

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    Carob Chips

    If you can't have chocolate but don't want to miss out on the cocoa scrumptiousness, then these carob chips are guaranteed to do the trick.

    Unlike chocolate, carob chips don't have the caffeine that some are intolerant to, but still pack a naturally sweet cocoa-flavor that tastes amazing in all kinds of dishes. Additionally, carob comes from a tree source, so it is friendly to those who prefer a vegetarian diet free from dairy. Yet it really does taste like chocolate, meaning carob chips are the ideal substitute for chocolate chips.

    Order our carob chips in 1-pound or 5-pound bags. Looking for a higher quantity of carob chips to use for baking, or to give away as treats in a gift basket? Pick a 25-pound case of carob chips instead. You will always have the bulk carob chips you need and love on hand.

    How to Use Carob Chips in Cooking, Baking and Snacking

    Are you new to the notion of eating carob chips instead of chocolate chips? You will find you can use sweetened carob chips anywhere you would normally use chocolate chips.

    Substitute regular chocolate chips in cookies, muffins, brownies and cakes with these sweetened carob chips. They are also great for decorating desserts, pairing with ice cream, or mixing into a smoothie. Try sprucing up your breakfast by mixing a couple of these scrumptious chips into your morning oatmeal or pancakes. You will never miss chocolate chips when you opt for carob chips, yet you will still feel like you are indulging!

    You can also buy carob chips online from us for whipping up a trail mix alongside dried fruits and nuts, making for an enticing treat that will highlight any party or game night. And thanks to our diligently sealed packaging that perfectly preserves the freshness, you can safely buy carob chips in bulk and enjoy untainted taste and texture.

    Health Benefits of Carob

    1. Antioxidant Activity: Sweetened carob chips are a good source of polyphenol antioxidants that scavenge harmful free radicals that cause oxidative damage to cells. This maintains the integrity of the skin membrane and mucosa.

    2. Low Sugar: Carob contains less sugar when compared to regular chocolate and about 1/3 of the calories. This leads to reduced sugar spikes, which is especially beneficial to diabetics. The low-calorie content also makes them an ideal snack for anyone interested in weight loss.

    3. Digestive Health: Carob chips bulk contains significant amounts of fiber, which improves smooth movement of food in the colon to prevent constipation and bloating. The chips also provide pectin, a soluble fiber, which helps to regulate the absorption of nutrients.

    4. Minerals and Vitamins: Carob contains a variety of B-vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, B6 and folate. It also provides minerals including calcium, manganese, potassium and copper.

    Order Bulk Carob Chips With Confidence Today

    Do you like what you hear about carob and carob chips? Buy carob chips that are fresh and delicious right now and always have them in your pantry.