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Chocolate Sprinkles - Sincerely Nuts

Chocolate Sprinkles

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    Chocolate Sprinkles

    Our chocolate sprinkles pack a delicious kick and a delicately light crunch to make the perfect addition to all your dishes. Try them out in cookies, cakes, muffins or brownies to conveniently add a chocolaty flavor without much hassle. You can even start the day off scrumptiously by adding these real chocolate sprinkles to cereal, pancakes, or your morning coffee; a shot of espresso with a couple of sprinkles tastes simply divine. With every bite, you'll be sampling natural chocolate sprinkles whipped up using the finest ingredients and under exemplary production conditions. We've become known as the premier source to buy real chocolate sprinkles online courtesy of our quality packaging that makes for unmatched taste and texture. The perfectly sealed bags also make buying chocolate sprinkles in bulk completely safe, with these delicious tidbits freshly lasting for 6 months when stored in a cool, dry place.

    Enjoy Chocolate Sprinkles on Many Different Foods

    When you think of sprinkles, you probably think of ice cream. Adding chocolate sprinkles to a scoop of mint chocolate chip or Neopolitan makes the perfect way to end your day. But don't limit yourself to consuming chocolate sprinkles only on ice cream. You can enjoy this treat in many other situations, too. Here are just a few ways our customers love to use chocolate sprinkles:

    • Topping iced sugar cookies: Sprinkle them on after cookies have cooled and have fun making funky patterns.
    • Atop morning hot cereal: Give your breakfast a celebratory air when you add sprinkles to the mix.
    • Finishing a yogurt parfait: Parfaits need a garnish, and a dash of chocolate sprinkles make the perfect final touch.

    You can also add sprinkles to a range of recipes. Try tossing a few into your favorite waffle batter for an unexpected sweetness. Drop a few into muffin batter, and top cinnamon rolls with chocolate sprinkles.

    Health Benefits of Chocolate

    1. High in Antioxidants: Chocolate contains lots of antioxidants, which neutralize disease-causing free radicals in the body. Antioxidants have been found to aid in the fights against everything from heart disease to cancer.

    2. Stress Relief: The compounds in chocolate can stimulate the body to relax. Eating chocolate can help you wind down from a long week or ease anxiety.

    3. Guards Against Cognitive Decline: Chocolate is brain food. When you eat it, you stimulate your brain and increase cognitive function, similar to engaging in mentally challenging activities like completing crossword puzzles.

    4. Decrease Cardiovascular Issues: Chocolate can lower blood pressure, which puts less stress on your cardiovascular system. It has been linked to improved function of the system, too.

    Buy Bulk Chocolate Sprinkles From Sincerely Nuts

    Make sure you have the right toppings the next time you want an ice cream sundae or decorations for a cupcake. Purchase our chocolate sprinkles in bulk, and you won't run out of the pantry staple. Plus, you get the best price per pound the more you buy. We offer free ground shipping when your order is more than $60. Order your chocolate sprinkles today.

    *Packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.