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Rainbow Non-Pareils - Sincerely Nuts

Rainbow Non-Pareils

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    Rainbow Nonpareils

    Bright and brilliant to look at, the rainbow-styled nonpareils are equally yummy and delectable to eat. Its crunchy exterior melts in the mouth, adding to your excitement and chocolaty desires. Equally cherished and appreciated among people of all ages, the huge sized rainbow nonpareils are a sheer delight to indulge in. Storable for up to six months without freezing.

    Purchase a one pound or five pound bag of rainbow nonpareils, or order a 25-pound case of these classics. Orders of $60 or greater always receive free shipping from Sincerely Nuts.

    Make Rainbow Nonpareils the Star of Your Trail Mix

    People love to experiment by making unique types of trail mixes. Why not start your next trail mix with a handful of rainbow nonpareils? Then, feel free to add any of the following items:

    • Seeds. The right seeds can add a boost of nutrients, not to mention delightful textures and shapes.
    • Nuts. Are you looking for heart-healthy additions to your trail mix? You can never go wrong with a handful of nuts. Choose from peanuts to tree nuts.
    • Candy. Although rainbow nonpareils are already a form of chocolate candy, you may want to include a few gummies or jellies into your trail mix as well.
    • Salty snacks. Having some salt to temper the sweetness of rainbow nonpareils is just what your trail mix needs!
    • Dried fruit. Why not boost the fiber content of your homemade trail mix with some dried cherries, berries, currants, raisins or apricot pieces?

    Bring Innovation to Your Baking With Bulk Rainbow Nonpareils

    Baking and rainbow nonpareils have gone hand-in-hand for generations. Even if you are somewhat new to getting innovative with your baking recipes, you can confidently include rainbow nonpareils into your desserts and treats.

    Below are some of our favorite ways to use rainbow nonpareils in the kitchen:

    • Decorate cakes and cream pies with rainbow nonpareils. Just press them into frostings, icings and whipped cream. Their colorful appeal will punctuate the overall appearance of your creation.
    • Drop rainbow nonpareil pieces into your daily bowl of lowfat yogurt. Whether it is plain yogurt or flavored, it will get a boost from these gems.
    • Stir rainbow nonpareil bits into your rice cereal and marshmallow treats. Kids love having something a little extra in the mix. Plus, the rainbow colors appeal to them.
    • Line pie pans and baking dishes with rainbow nonpareils for no-bake desserts. Why use a graham cracker crust when you can have a crust made totally out of whole or crushed rainbow nonpareils?
    • Crush rainbow nonpareils and place them on top of ice cream and frozen yogurt sundaes.
    • Add rainbow nonpareil pieces to hot chocolate. Simply place mini marshmallows on top of the cocoa. Then, place crushed rainbow nonpareils on top of the marshmallows so they do not melt immediately.

    Buy Bulk Rainbow Nonpareils Online From Sincerely Nuts

    Need more rainbow nonpareils? Choose the best by always ordering from Sincerely Nuts. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality treats and ingredients. You will love these rainbow nonpareils and turn to them for snacking and baking on a regular basis!