Deluxe Yogurt Covered Tray - Sincerely Nuts
Deluxe Yogurt Covered Tray - Sincerely Nuts

Deluxe Yogurt Covered Tray

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    Deluxe Yogurt Covered Gift Tray

    Indulge your love for yogurt with the tastiest treat: a deluxe yogurt covered gift tray.

    Enticement Galore in a Yogurt Covered Snack Tray

    In the mood for some yogurt-covered scrumptiousness? Our yogurt gift tray is sure to deliver the deliciousness! Every set comes with yogurt-dipped pretzels, almonds, cranberries, raisins and peanuts. And being sincerely nuts about freshness, we carefully seal every tray to ensure the snacks taste as good as the day they were whipped up.

    Make Someone Smile With a Special Deluxe Yogurt Covered Tray

    Whatever the occasion, this yogurt snack gift tray is a great way to crown the day. We pride ourselves on creating snack trays that impress the most discerning of foodies. And we do this by hand-picking every one of the fruits and nuts and complementing the gourmet quality with premium presentation.

    Yogurt Covered Snack Trays Simplify Gift-Giving

    Finding a gift for a holiday or special occasion can sometimes be difficult, especially if your recipient is someone who seems to have it all. The answer, of course, is to find a treat that is universally adored.

    Our deluxe yogurt covered tray has exactly the right mix of flavors and textures to appeal to everyone from your grandmother to the next door neighbor. Enjoy getting sincere thanks from someone who appreciates receiving a thoughtfully presented and incredible tasting gift.

    Keep a Deluxe Yogurt Covered Tray or Two on Hand

    One of the most uncomfortable situations that can happen at holidays is when someone gets you a gift unexpectedly — and you have nothing to give them. Instead of being caught empty-handed and tongue-twisted, always have a small or large yogurt covered snack tray on hand. A deluxe yogurt covered tray in your pantry or cupboard enables you to quickly reciprocate kindness without missing a beat!

    Get a Yogurt Covered Snack Tray for Sale for Parties

    Are you someone who likes to host parties? Do you have a few get-togethers coming up? Order a yogurt covered snack tray to offer your guests. They can nibble throughout the night without any fuss. Plus, the presentation is already made, so you only have to open the snack tray and receive the compliments for your good taste!

    Improve Meetings With a Deluxe Yogurt Covered Tray

    Most people find meetings dull and simply want to get back to their desks. But when you put out a yogurt covered snack tray and some beverages, attendees tend to have a different attitude. Let the brainstorming begin!

    Healthier Snacking From a Yogurt Covered Snack Tray

    Here are some of the wholesome nutrients you’ll enjoy when you dig into these terrific treats:

    • Free radical-busting antioxidants from the almonds.
    • Healthy vitamin C from the cranberries.
    • Wholesome B-vitamins from the black raisins.
    • Digestion-friendly fiber from the pretzels.
    • Vegetarian-friendly protein from the peanuts.
    • Calcium and magnesium from the tasty yogurt.

    Order a Deluxe Yogurt Covered Tray Today

    Ready to get some of the best-tasting yogurt-covered items you can find for you or someone else? Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to experience a burst of flavor, a serving of wholesomeness, and a whole lot of freshness!

    Small Tray - approximately 3lbs.

    Large Tray - approximately 5lbs.