Milk Chocolate Pretzels - Sincerely Nuts
Milk Chocolate Pretzels - Sincerely Nuts

Milk Chocolate Pretzels

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    Milk Chocolate Pretzels

    Perfect for a lazy snacking time, milk chocolate pretzels are your ultimate companion to indulge in some self-extravaganza.

    Add them to your party menu or to a bowl of yummy desserts to enjoy the amazing combination of sweet chocolate and the salty flavor of crunchy pretzels. Make any moment special with a handful of milk chocolate pretzels that are your easy solution to brighten up easily and effortlessly.

    Buy milk chocolate pretzels in one-pound, five-pound or 15-pound bags or cases. Be sure to get enough to treat yourself and everyone who visits! And remember that if your total order comes to more than $60, you get free shipping courtesy of Sincerely Nuts.

    Supply Your Workplace Munchies Station With Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    In addition to other foods such as dried fruits and salted nuts, why not add milk chocolate pretzels to your workplace kitchen? Employees love being able to get the snacks they really want when cravings strike. Our bulk milk chocolate covered pretzels allow you to stock up and save.

    Stop sending your team members to the vending machines in the basement to get munchies. Keep a fresh supply of everything they love to nibble on in your break room.

    Become a Baking Genius by Using Milk Chocolate Pretzels

    Could your baking use a little bit of a boost? Your chance to take the cake as the best baker on the block just arrived!

    Many people who love to prepare creative comfort foods and sweet treats use milk chocolate covered pretzels in their baking. Here are some fun ways to incorporate these delicious bites into your baking:

    • Crush milk chocolate pretzels into tiny bits. Then, add the bits to any batters or dough. The result is a satisfying addition that will boost the flavors in any of your recipes.
    • Use milk chocolate pretzels as toppings for your iced cakes. Decorate the rim of a cake with carefully placed milk chocolate pretzels, or simply break them up and sprinkle them on top. You can also use them for cream-based pies.
    • Break up milk chocolate pretzels and scatter them on top of homemade sundaes. Bonus points if you make your own ice cream, too!
    • Toss some milk chocolate pretzel pieces into your mid-afternoon yogurt. Who says you cannot enjoy a little chocolate and saltiness in your lowfat treat?
    • Add milk chocolate pretzels into your holiday gingerbread house making kit. Kids love to use milk chocolate pretzels to decorate the outside of the houses they create!

    Make Your Own Memorable Trail Mix

    Although you can easily buy trail mix that has been pre-made, you may want to put together your own special recipe of flavors. Might we suggest that you begin with milk chocolate pretzels and work from there?

    Along with your milk chocolate covered pretzels, include everything from dried currants and dried cranberries to salted pecans and sunflower seeds. If you are in the mood for additional candy sweetness, choose any gummy or jelly candies to round out your one-of-a-kind trail mix creation.

    Buy milk chocolate pretzels with confidence from Sincerely Nuts and have fun snacking!