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Sesame Sticks Cajun - Sincerely Nuts
Sesame Sticks Cajun

Sesame Sticks Cajun

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    Cajun Sesame Sticks

    You don't have to buy a plane ticket when you crave Louisiana flavors. Our Cajun flavored sesame sticks pack a spicy punch that will leave you yearning for more.

    We whip up this treat using sesame seeds of the highest quality sourced from the finest farms in the USA, and coat them with our famous Cajun seasoning to bring on the heat. This tantalizing flavoring is a mix between paprika, green bell pepper, dehydrated garlic, and a touch of cocoa powder for a delicious twist.

    Snack on these scrumptious roasted crackers during movie night, carry them to the office for an energy-rich afternoon treat, or mix them with other goodies to create an enticing trail mix. Just like a proper cracker ought to be, these ones have a mouthwatering crunch that you'll just love.

    Keep Your Bulk Cajun Sesame Sticks Fresh

    Although you might just eat up your cajun sesame sticks as soon as they arrive at your door, you should probably keep some for the rest of your family. Be sure to store your cajun sesame sticks in airtight containers. Place the containers in cool, dry spots with low humidity to keep the sesame sticks' crunch alive and well.

    Do you plan to use your cajun sesame sticks in lieu of breadcrumbs in your favorite recipes? Place a handful in the blender and whip them up until they resemble fine bits. Then store them in a plastic container or glass jar. You may even store your newly crushed sesame sticks in the freezer for later use.

    Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

    1. Cardiovascular Health: Sesame seeds contain high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, with 50% of these comprising of oleic acid. According to the Physicians' Health Study, these healthy fats reduce (LDL) bad cholesterol to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    2. Blood Health: A 100-gram serving of the seeds provides 182% of the recommended daily intake of iron. This mineral is essential in increasing the number of red blood cells in the body and ensuring optimal delivery of oxygen to cells.

    3. Brain Health: With 28% of the daily recommended intake of niacin in a 100-gram serving, sesame seeds effectively play a role in cognitive health. Niacin along with other B vitamins such as riboflavin and thiamin nourish brain cells to prevent degenerative cognitive conditions.

    4. Rich in Protein: These hot and spicy sesame sticks contain high quality protein that is involved in the growth and repair of body tissue. Together with the fiber in Cajun sesame sticks bulk, it promotes a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating.

    We've become the favorite source to buy Cajun sesame seed sticks online thanks to our unmatched freshness.

    Are you always investigating the make-up of your favorite snacks? Want to stick to healthy choices? Check out the good-for-you ingredients that come in every power-packed serving of cajun sesame sticks!