Strawberry Sour Power Belts - Sincerely Nuts
Strawberry Sour Power Belts - Sincerely Nuts

Strawberry Sour Power Belts

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    Strawberry Sour Power Belts

    Nothing can beat the sour belts candies when it comes to sour candy delight and strawberry is an all-time favorite flavor. These sour power belts will make your face pucker automatically with the added tang in it. These candy strips are extremely fruity and true to their strawberry flavor. A unique combination of sweet and tart flavor, these chewy sour belts can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

    Sour power belts are a candy that appeals to people of all ages. Kids love the sweet taste of the belt once they’ve chewed through the sour. Adults adore the relatively low calorie counts and fat content. A small treat now and then ensures you don’t go overboard on dessert. Strawberry sour power belts provide the perfect indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth without eating too much.

    Add Sour Power Belts Candy to Your Office Candy Jar

    You should have fun at the office, and one way to do that is to keep a candy jar for everyone to enjoy. People feel nostalgic when they see old favorites in the jar, and when you stock it up with strawberry power belts, you’ll get pats on the back from everyone who appreciates sour candy.

    Other ideas for our sour power belts include:

    • Using it for decorating gingerbread houses at the holidays
    • Adding to kids’ birthday goodie bags
    • Storing in the pantry for up to six months and pulling it out when your kids have friends over

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