Danish Mocha Beans
Danish Mocha Beans

Danish Mocha Beans

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    Danish Mocha Beans

    The rich aromatic essence of handpicked coffee beans is here to entice your hunger with a dark chocolate shell. Luscious and smooth from the outside, these mocha beans are roasted to add crispness and freshness to this sweet delicacy. Indulge your sweet tooth for a fine after-dinner treat or use our Danish mocha beans as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Keep them in your desk at work to snack on when you need an extra hit of energy.

    You will love the flavor of our coffee beans contrasted with the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate. You may find yourself craving this taste over and over throughout your day, the more of our beans you consume. But don't worry. You don't have to limit them to dessert time. With all the health benefits of coffee and dark chocolate, that makes these snacks acceptable any time of day. You may even want to add them to a breakfast yogurt parfait — we won't tell anyone you did it!

    Enjoy Danish Mocha Beans in Recipes

    You probably want to tear into your newly arrived bag of Danish mocha beans as soon as they arrive at your home, and we understand that. After all, they do have an amazing taste. But if you happen to have enough left in the bag after your snack, you can also use our beans in other creative ways:

    • Top an ice cream sundae, preferably made with coffee ice cream and chocolate shavings, with Danish mocha beans.
    • Crush a handful of beans and add them to the batter of your favorite store-bought muffin mix for a simple and fast treat.
    • Chop a few up and add them as a garnish to an iced cupcake.

    We also love putting out bowls of Danish mocha beans for parties or casual get-togethers such as book clubs or girls' nights. You may want to nosh on them during a marathon of your favorite TV show or grab some to enjoy while reading a book. There's no bad time to enjoy our Danish mocha beans. Use your imagination, and you may find yourself reaching for them all the time.

    Health Benefits of Danish Mocha Beans

    1. High in Antioxidants: Both coffee and dark chocolate burst with antioxidants, which neutralize the free radicals that can cause everything from cancer to infection. They also protect against heart disease.

    2. Reduce Muscle Pain: If you like to hit the gym, coffee beans can help you recover faster. They have been shown to reduce the pain you feel after a tough workout.

    3. Improve Brain Function: Dark chocolate is known as "brain food" because it stimulates blood flow to the nervous system and can sharpen cognitive thinking.

    4. Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease: Coffee contains caffeine, which has demonstrated the ability to help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

    Buy Bulk Danish Mocha Beans

    Sincerely Nuts sells a large selection of delicious foods you can snack on. When you buy from us in bulk, you get the best price per pound and ensure you always will have your favorite snacks on hand. You can receive free ground shipping on your order when you spend more than $60. Place your order for Danish mocha beans today.

    *Packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.

    Approximately 420 pieces per pound.