Deluxe Salted Mixed Nuts Gift Tray - Sincerely Nuts
Deluxe Salted Mixed Nuts Gift Tray - Sincerely Nuts

Deluxe Salted Mixed Nuts Gift Tray

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    Deluxe Salted Mixed Nuts Tray

    Perfectly roasted and scrumptiously seasoned, this salted mixed nuts tray is a delicious treat for just about any nut lover. We’ve crammed it with the finest kosher certified salted assorted nuts, salted macadamias, salted Brazil nuts, salted cashews, and salted pistachios. That’s 5 of some of the most popular nuts we stock, all handpicked to give you superior quality you can’t find elsewhere; and irresistibly fresh too! Every tray is carefully sealed to make every bite full of flavour, enticing texture, and appetizing aroma. And we’ve laid out this 5-sectional salted mixed nuts set in a striking round wooden gift tray that makes for one-of-a-kind presentation. Combine this with our great prices, extra-fast shipping, and friendly customer service and you end up with the best salted mixed nuts tray you can buy online.

    Here are some of the wholesome benefits of the mixed nuts:

    1. Hard-To-Find Minerals: Brazil Nuts are the best food source of selenium, with a 50-gram serving providing 1923% of the nutrient’s recommended daily intake.

    2. Healthy Monounsaturated Fats: Cashews are an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids, which make up 66% of the nuts’ total fat content and create a balanced lipid profile.

    3. Digestive Health: Macadamia nuts provide dietary fiber that promotes smooth movement of food in the digestive tract and supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon.

    4. Healthy Iron Absorption: Pistachio nuts provide 144% of the daily recommended intake ofcopper in a 100-gram serving that promotes iron absorption.

    5. Antioxidant Action: The assorted nuts in our salted nuts mix tray contain an impressive array of antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin E, and resveratrol. This potent nutrients promote skin and cell health by neutralizing harmful free radicals that cause oxidative damage.

    Tray is approximately 1.5 lbs