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Diced Apricots

Diced Apricots

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    Diced Apricots

    Apricots are known for their beautiful color, fruity fragrance, and mouthwatering flavor. And our dried diced apricots exemplify that delicious combo. We've already perfectly chopped them up for you to easily include in your favorite recipes. This flavorful fruit goes well with cakes, muffins, salads, oatmeal, cereal, and any trail mix. You can also buy apricot chunks for use in healthy smoothies, with the small pieces ensuring the fruit is thoroughly blended. And that will be one healthy smoothie! Apricots are packed with minerals, vitamins, fiber and radical-busting antioxidants. To perfectly preserve these nutrients, we take great care in sealing every bag, which in turn results in plump and pleasantly moist apricot pieces that you'll love.

    Enjoy the Advantages of Dried Apricots With All of Your Meals

    Many people know dried apricots have loads of fiber, but did you realize they provide a nutrition boost in other ways, too? Apricots are fantastic for your skin. They can help ease the itching associated with eczema and other skin conditions. In fact, people have used apricot oil to treat dry skin for years. To get some relief from your skin ailments, incorporate apricots into your daily diet to receive their full healing impact.

    Although you may have snacked on a handful of this naturally sweet fruit in the past, you can also add dried apricots to dishes you eat for dinner, lunch and any other meal of the day. Here are a few ideas to keep up your apricot intake:

    • Soak dried apricots in hot water for 10 minutes. Combine fruit and water with a dash of honey, a pinch of black pepper and a little fresh rosemary for a delicious sauce to pour over baked chicken.
    • Beef up your breakfast cereal by sprinkling a handful of apricots on top. They blend right in with granola, wheat flakes or even sugary kids' cereals.
    • Toss on top of a salad for an unexpected treat. The sweetness of the apricot contrasts nicely with the bitterness of your greens.
    • Speaking of greens, sauté kale in coconut oil, then spread some apricots on top for a tasty side dish.

    Health Benefits of Apricots

    1. Heart Healthy: Dried Turkish apricots promote cardiovascular health through their serving of antioxidants that prevent the harmful oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol. They also contain potassium, which ensures a regular heart rate and blood pressure.

    2. Blood Sugar Control: Apricots are high in soluble fiber that maintains healthy glucose and cholesterol levels. The serving of magnesium also aids in blood sugar regulation, with the mineral being an important ingredient in diabetes medicine.

    3. Minerals and Vitamins: The fruit provides calcium, manganese, zinc, phosphorous and iron. It's also an excellent source of vitamin A, and contains healthy levels of vitamin C and K.

    4. Digestive Health: A 100-gram serving of apricots provides 5% of the recommended daily intake of fiber. This makes dried apricots bulk effective at promoting smooth movement of food in the digestive tract. Fiber also promotes a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating and aid in weight loss.

    Where Can I Buy Dried Apricots Online?

    Sincerely Nuts is known as the best source to buy diced apricots online thanks to our premium fruit from Turkey, and quality customer service that leaves you 100% satisfied. When you place an order of $60 or more, you receive free shipping — so stock up and save today on our dried apricots!