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Dried Persimmons

Dried Persimmons

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    Dried Persimmons

    Have a hankering for a new kind of snack? Dried persimmons may be just what your appetite ordered. This food hails from Japan, where it’s the national fruit, but it’s less common to find persimmons stateside, where they weren’t planted until the mid-1800s. The fruit boasts a unique taste, and its name in Latin actually means “food of the gods.” Persimmons also have a distinctive look. When you slice the orange-red fruit in half, you’ll see a pretty star.

    Persimmons grow in the Southern and Southwestern United States. Since they remain a rare culinary delight, you may not have enjoyed one of your own yet. Trust us — you're in for a treat! When you buy our dried persimmons for sale online, you get a rich, sweet taste. They’re ideal for snacking by themselves or for mixing into dishes that could use a bit more flavor, such as salads or oatmeal.

    Our dried persimmons also make the perfect addition to a smoothie, giving you an added dose of vitamins and minerals. Plus, whether you purchase our persimmons in bulk or get them in smaller quantities along with other SincerelyNuts.com products, we’ll give you free shipping on orders of more than $60.

    How Should I Use Dried Persimmons?

    We’ll let you in on a little secret — there is no wrong way to use dried persimmons. You can enjoy them in the same way you might eat dried apricots or raisins. They make an excellent addition to just about any sweet or savory dish. When you add them, you also give the recipe a nutritional boost, because persimmons have so many incredible antioxidants, including:

    • Lutein
    • Lycopene
    • Beta-carotene

    However, if you still feel nervous about incorporating persimmons into a recipe for the first time, we can give you some pointers. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy this dried fruit.

    Sprinkle on Top of Oatmeal

    Adding persimmons to oatmeal gives it a sweetness that allows you to skip the added brown sugar. Instead, use this natural way to boost the flavor of your hot cereal.

    Toss Into Muffin Batter

    Are you making blueberry, cinnamon or morning glory muffins? Chop up a few dried persimmons and add them to the batter. The chewiness of the dried fruit will create an interesting texture for the muffins.

    Braise With Barbeque Sauce

    Sweet and spicy go together so well, you may want to consider adding persimmons to your favorite BBQ sauce. First, put a half-cup of torn-up dried persimmons in a pot. Cover with a half-cup of water and simmer, adding more water if necessary until the persimmons get a stewed consistency. Stir together with barbeque sauce, then add the mixture to whatever you’re grilling.

    Health Benefits of Dried Persimmons

    1. Antioxidant-Rich: Persimmons teem with antioxidants, which fight off infection, inflammation and even tumors. Catechins, one type of antioxidant common in persimmons, can keep you from hemorrhaging in smaller blood vessels.

    2. High in Fiber: Our bodies need fiber to keep our digestive systems on track. You should be getting at least 25 grams of fiber a day, and persimmons can contribute to that daily tally. Fiber also keeps you full for longer, meaning less mindless snacking.

    3. Minerals and Vitamins: Persimmons include high levels of copper, manganese, potassium and phosphorus, which can help your body in many ways. Copper assists in the manufacture of red blood cells, while manganese serves as a form of natural sunblock to protect your skin.

    4. Stronger eyes: One of the carotenoids in persimmons, zeaxanthin, helps protect the eyes and guards against macular degeneration as you age.

    Find Dried Persimmons for Sale Online From Sincerely Nuts

    Enjoy a new snack that tastes fresh and sweet. Buy dried persimmons online today for your healthy snacks! Spend more than $60 to get free shipping. Get in touch today to place your order.