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Hawaiian Aloha Mix - Sincerely Nuts

Hawaiian Aloha Mix

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    Hawaiian Aloha Mix

    You may not be able to experience an island breeze on a daily basis, but when you dig into a bag of our Hawaiian Aloha Snack Mix, you might feel like you are. This fun treat takes the best tastes of the islands and distills them into a single serving. From tropical fruits like coconuts to more savory favorites such as almonds, our Hawaiian aloha mix offers a slightly different flavor every time you grab a handful.

    The best part about this mix is that in addition to tasting great, it's also good for you. Our Hawaiian aloha mix is chockful of nutrients, delivering a high dose of your daily recommended fiber and protein intake. With healthy fats to boot, this snack mix will quickly earn a place on your list of after-school or after-work favorites.

    Use Hawaiian Aloha Mix in Your Baking

    Our snack mix makes a terrific treat in between meals. You can also use it to enhance your favorite recipes, adding some additional nutritional value and a fun new taste. Get creative and add our Hawaiian aloha mix to:

    • Cookies: We love the flavor combination of chocolate chip cookies with this snack mix, which complements the sweetness of chocolate so effectively.
    • Muffins: Give your muffins more crunch when you incorporate a handful of snack mix into the batter.
    • Cupcakes: Balance out the lightness and airiness of a cupcake with our hearty snack mix for a truly unforgettable dessert, and drop a bit on top of the frosted cupcake for color.

    Health Benefits of Hawaiian Aloha Mix

    1. Full of Antioxidants: Antioxidants help fight the free radicals that can build up in the body, causing disease and distress. When you eat foods rich in antioxidants, your body can battle back. Almonds provide a terrific source of antioxidants, many of which are found in the brown skin of the nut, which you will enjoy in the Hawaiian aloha mix.

    2. Control Blood Sugar: For those with blood sugar concerns, keeping your levels down is of critical importance. The Hawaiian aloha mix contains nuts, which control blood sugar. When you avoid spikes or valleys in your blood sugar, you will feel more even-keel and make your doctor happy. Bananas also contain blood sugar-moderating ingredients.

    3. Loaded With Vitamin B6: Bananas contain a huge helping of your daily recommended allowance for vitamin B6, which keeps your nervous system healthy and assists with the production of red blood cells.

    4. Boosts Immune System Health: Did you know that coconut has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties? That makes it an excellent indulgence when you want something sweet that will help your immune system, since the fruit is also anti-viral.

    Buy Bulk Hawaiian Aloha Mix

    Sincerely Nuts offers a large selection of foods, from other trail mixes to dried fruit to candy. Remember, you can enjoy lower prices per pound when you purchase our Hawaiian aloha mix in bulk. You may also save on shipping, which is free with your purchase of more than $60. Place your order today.