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Natural Almond Flour - Sincerely Nuts

Natural Almond Flour

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    Natural Almond Flour

    Natural almond meal flour is a great gluten-free substitute for ordinary wheat flour, and comes loaded with wholesome minerals, vitamins and fiber. This unblanched almond flour adds a delicious nutty taste to baked pastries, and can also be used to coat meat before deep frying. We use only the finest almonds from the USA and give them a perfect grind, making us your best source to buy natural almond flour online.

    Baking and Cooking Using Almond Flour

    If you have a gluten allergy or a condition that prevents you from ingesting it, you’ll look for alternatives to regular wheat flour. Even if you are able to eat gluten, trying out other types of flours can be a fun way to experiment in the kitchen. Using natural almond flour from Sincerely Nuts to cook and bake can help you make some delicious dishes and baked goods.

    If you’ve never used almond flour before, it may take a little bit of adjustment. Other types of flour react differently from wheat flour, including almond flour. But, once you’ve made a few things, you’re well on your way to creating delicious treats that you and your friends and family will enjoy.

    Health Benefits of Almonds

    Buying natural almond flour will not only let you create amazing things in the kitchen — it’s good for you, too! Whether you’re eating almonds as a snack or using almond flour to cook or bake, it will provide important nutrients and potentially give other benefits, including:

    1. Regulate Blood Sugar: A study by the American Diabetes Association has shown that adding almonds to your diet can lead to a drop in blood sugar. This is due to the low carbohydrate content, with only 2.5g of digestible carbs in every handful. A 23-gram serving also contains 15% of magnesium's daily recommended intake, which is a crucial nutrient in maintaining blood sugar.

    2. Rich in Minerals: A quarter-cup serving of almond flour gluten free consists of a recommended dietary intake of 49% biotin, 27% manganese, 26% copper and 16% phosphorous. It also contains high protein content, with 6g of it packed in one ounce. Phosphorous is used in bone and teeth formation, while manganese and copper neutralize free radicals to open up energy pathways in the body.

    3. High Fiber Content: 12.5% of almond flour bulk consists of fiber, which translates to about 3.5g in every ounce. The soluble fiber is crucial in regulating blood sugar, while the insoluble one promotes healthy bowel movement and nourishes healthy bacteria in the gut.

    4. Vitamin E: Almonds are one of the best sources of vitamin E, with a quarter cup providing 40% of the recommended dietary intake. This antioxidant is essential in preventing harmful oxidation of cells by free radicals, such as the oxidation of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) that leads to the clogging of arteries.

    Whether you buy natural almond flour in bulk or grab a single bag, you’ll be assured of nothing but mouthwatering freshness!