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Macadamia Nuts (Roasted, Salted)

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macadamia nuts

Roasted and salted macadamia nuts are a total treat, with the seasoning perfectly bringing out the sweet, nutty flavor. We guarantee superior quality by first taking top-grade raw macadamia nuts, masterfully roasting them, and rounding it all off with a light touch of salt. And as you'll be reeling from the deliciousness, your body will be enjoying a wholesome mix of nutrients! Every crunch is filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber, radical-busting antioxidants, and an excellent source of heart-friendly fats. All you need is a handful to get rare nutrients such as selenium and palmitoleic acid.

Health Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

1. Rich in Vitamins: Macadamias are an excellent source of B-complex vitamins, with each serving containing niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin and thiamin. The nuts also provide vitamin E, A, and C. These nutrients prevent conditions such as dermatitis and conjunctivitis along with boosting the immune system.

2. Healthy Bone Formation: Macadamia nuts are rich in bone-friendly minerals, with a 100-gram serving containing a recommended dietary intake of 32% magnesium, 27% phosphorous and 8.5% calcium. This combination of minerals promotes healthy bone density and reduces the chances of developing osteoporosis.

3. Skin Health: A serving of flavonoids and vitamin E promotes skin health by slowing down the aging process. The antioxidants fight free radicals, which cause cellular damage through oxidation, maintaining the skin's elasticity. Antioxidants also slow down rancidity allowing you to safely buy salted roasted macadamia nuts in bulk.

4. Increase Satiety: Macadamia nuts are a filling snack owing to their serving of fiber and protein. Both of these nutrients promote a feeling of fullness, preventing overeating. Fiber is also crucial in maintaining the health of the digestive system.

If you're looking for nuts that are full of flavor, irresistibly fresh, and packed with a crunch that will make you go sincerely nuts, then count on us as your source to buy roasted salted macadamia nuts online!

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Nutrition Facts

  • Nutrition Facts:
  • Amount Per Serving:
  • Serving Size:
    30g (~1.1 oz.)
  • Servings/Pound:
    Approx. 15.2
  • Calories:
  • Calories From Fat:
  • Daily Value:
  • Total Fat:
  • Saturated Fat:
    3.5g 17%
  • Cholesterol:
  • Sodium:
    100mg 5%
  • Total Carbohydrate:
    4g 1%
  • Dietary Fiber:
    3g 11%
  • Sugars:
  • Protein:
  • Vitamin A:
  • Vitamin B:
  • Vitamin C:
  • Vitamin D:
  • Calcium:
  • Iron:


Store in a cool, dry place for 1-3 months if un-refrigerated. If refrigerated, shelf life is up to 6 months.

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