Natural Dried Orange Slices

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Dried Orange Slices

Our natural dried orange slices are a convenient treat to always have in your pantry. We get the best grown oranges from the USA and dry them naturally to ensure you don't come close to any potentially harmful preservatives. So what you get in every bag are just pure oranges; no additives whatsoever. Buy dried oranges for use in fruit and vegetable salads, baking, or as a citrusy snack packed with flavor. They're also a great way to flavor water or tea without all the hassle of slicing up the fruit yourself. Oranges are a nutrient powerhouse containing exceptional levels of vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. Snack on a handful of these every day and you'll soon be on your way to healthier skin and a stronger immune system. 

Health Benefits of Oranges

1. Rich in Vitamin C: Dried orange slices contain 90% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in a 100-gram serving. This vitamin is essential in boosting the body's defense against disease and also functions as a powerful antioxidant.

2. Digestive Health: Orange slices bulk is rich in dietary fiber, primarily in the form of pectin. This soluble fiber protects the lining of the intestinal tract by reducing its exposure to toxins and flushes out cancer-causing compounds.

3. Antioxidant Action: Oranges contain numerous antioxidants such as vitamin A, zeaxanthin, lutein and cryptoxanthin. They protect cell walls by preventing the action of harmful free radicals.

4. Minerals and Vitamins: This fruit provides calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and potassium. It also contains B-vitamins such as thiamin, pyridoxine, niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin.

Sample our blend of premium quality, fast shipping, and superior customer service and experience what has made us the go-to source to buy dried orange slices online.



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Nutrition Facts

  • Approx 11.4
    Servings Per Container
  • Serving size
    1.4 oz (40g)
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories
  • % Daily Value*
  • Total Fat 0g
  • Saturated Fat 0g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 10mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 30g
  • Dietary Fiber 10g
  • Total Sugars 12g
  • Protein 12g
  • Vitamin D
  • 15%
  • 0%
  • *

    The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how mush a nutrient in a service of good contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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