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Chocolate Rocks - Sincerely Nuts

Chocolate Rocks

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    Chocolate River Rocks

    As a kid, you probably hear rocks candy, your kids will want to look each one over and see what makes them so eye-grabbing. Is it the artistic way the rock patterns are rendered? Or the colors used to depict the "river" rocks? 

    Whatever fascinates you about these amusing candies, they make the perfect addition to an Easter basket or fun party centerpiece. You can always buy them for casual everyday consumption, too. There is no loss of ideas for making the most of your chocolate river rocks. 

    Amazing in design, the chocolate rocks are the perfect sweet delight for kids that can be used to decorate brownies, cookies or other desserts. They are bright and multi-colored, so these milk chocolate rocks are just about as fun to look at as they are to eat. 


    Add Chocolate River Rocks to Your Candy Lineup

    Do you like to keep a bowl of candy on your desk at the office or on a living room table? It's a welcoming gesture that shows people you want them to feel comfortable and at home in your presence. When you provide them with a snack, you show them your warm side. Putting out a bowl of chocolate rocks will make an even more memorable gesture since these candies aren't your everyday offering. 

    What else makes chocolate river rocks worthy of a bulk order the next time you shop with Sincerely Nuts? We hear from lots of people who love to use them in different ways, such as: 


    • Decoration for a gingerbread house motif or other holiday decor
    • Display them in a series of jars for a lovely background on your kitchen stove
    • Sprinkle them around serving dishes for an edible garnish at a party


    You can also use them as a topping on an ice cream sundae or for a special treat atop a yogurt parfait. Anytime a chocolate craving hits, a few of our chocolate river rocks will hit the spot. The candy coating makes them last even longer, allowing you to savor their delicious taste.

    Health Benefits of Chocolate

    Think chocolate isn't that healthy? It does actually have several health benefits, such as the following: 

    1. High in Antioxidants: Chocolate has antioxidants, which prevent other molecules in the body from oxidizing. Left unchecked, those molecules can lead to the development of serious conditions that can threaten your health. 

    2. Combats Memory Decline: Studies have associated chocolate with slower decline in memory as people age. You can stave off cognitive decline by consuming more cocoa powder. 

    3. Lower Cholesterol: Chocolate that includes plant sterols and flavanols from cocoa may help reduce levels of "bad" cholesterol. When combined with regular exercise, chocolate consumption can also decrease blood pressure levels. 

    4. Decreases Risk of Stroke: People who consume chocolate are less likely to suffer a stroke than those who do not. In addition, among those who have had a stroke, eating chocolate can increase survival rate. 

    Buy Chocolate River Rocks Candy in Bulk From Sincerely Nuts

    Stock up your pantry with these colorful and unusual treats. Remember, when you place an order of more than $60, you receive free shipping. Our river rocks store nicely for months under cool conditions.