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Coffee Cordials

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    Coffee Cordials

    Our coffee cordials are a delicious take on a classic candy, guaranteed to drive you sincerely nuts in scrumptiousness. We cover a liquid coffee-flavored center with a sumptuous dark chocolate candy coating, which makes for mouthwatering flavor and seductive texture. And the beautiful deep brown hue is just as enticing as the taste. Buy dark chocolate cordials online from us for decorating desserts and accompanying your favorite sweets. The chocolate candies pair perfectly with ice cream and can also be served with cake to make for an appetizing combo.

    Coffee and Dark Chocolate: What's Not to Love About This Pairing?

    When someone invented mocha, they fused together two of the best flavors in the world — coffee and chocolate. This visionary combination has so many health benefits. In addition to being high in antioxidants, both coffee and dark chocolate act as fighters against common diseases, such as cancer. They both contain nutrients, too. But best of all, they taste fantastic, and possibly even better together than they do apart.

    You can enjoy a handful of coffee cordials after dinner as an easy dessert. You can also add them to recipes. Try out some of these flavorful ideas:

    • Ice cream: Make ice cream more special by making sundaes, and chop up coffee cordials for a great topping.
    • Yogurt: Give tangy yogurt a more indulgent flavor by sprinkling it with a few crushed coffee cordials.
    • Muffins: If you have a favorite box muffin mix, add some shaved coffee cordials to the batter and get ready for an indulgent twist on an old favorite.
    • Bread: Even a regular bread recipe becomes more exciting when you add a few coffee cordials.

    Health Benefits of Coffee Cordials

    1. Decrease Risk of Diabetes: Studies indicate you can ward off Type 2 diabetes with an increase in coffee consumption.

    2. Fight Depression: Coffee drinkers are less likely to become depressed than non-coffee drinkers, according to studies. The more coffee you consume, the more your odds of developing depression drop.

    3. Lower Cancer Risk: Colorectal cancer risk drops when you drink a lot of coffee. In addition, coffee has been shown to protect against a slew of other diseases, including everything from heart disease to multiple sclerosis.

    4. Better Brain Function: Many people say they feel more awake when they drink coffee. That's not just the caffeine talking. Coffee can stimulate the brain and help you articulate better.

    Buy Bulk Coffee Cordials From Sincerely Nuts

    What really makes us the favorite source to buy dark chocolate candies is our superior packaging that guarantees total freshness. So you'll never encounter a melted mess once you rip open the packaging, and you can stock up without worrying your cordials will spoil before you eat them.

    We complement this freshness with fast shipping and the friendliest customer service around. Buy dark chocolate coffee cordials in bulk and freshly keep them in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months. You receive free ground shipping on orders over $60, too, so buy your coffee cordials today.