Dark Chocolate Cashews (Dairy)
Dark Chocolate Cashews (Dairy)

Dark Chocolate Cashews (Dairy)

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    Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews

    Our dark chocolate cashews blend that sweet, buttery, nutty taste with the unmistakable flavor of dark chocolate, creating a snack that is nothing but decadent. It comes packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and heart-friendly fats.

    Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With Dark Chocolate-Covered Cashews

    Do you like to end each meal with something sweet? Don't want to stray too far from your healthy diet? Chocolate-covered cashews are the perfect compromise for someone who craves a healthier dessert. You receive the dual benefits of dark chocolate and cashews, each a superfood in their own right. You can satisfy a chocolate urge with just a couple of these powerfully tasty morsels. They make the perfect end to any meal.

    Cashews also help you feel full even when you eat a modest number of them. If you struggle with portion control, enjoying dark chocolate cashews may help you with that problem. You only need a few cashews to help you feel full and you will keep that feeling for hours because the nuts are so high in protein and monosaturated fats, which contribute to keeping your appetite in control between meals. You won't feel deprived, either, thanks to the tasty chocolate.

    Cashews also boast many nutritional advantages you can feel good about giving your body. Did you know cashews can protect your eyes from developing cataracts? This painful condition often occurs in older adults and results in blurred vision. When you eat cashews, the minerals and nutrients in the nuts help guard against cataracts thanks to their antioxidant powers. These antioxidants also battle heart disease and improve blood function. If you have been feeling tired or lack energy, cashews can help you perk up again.

    Health Benefits of Cashews

    1. Rich in Antioxidants: Cashews nuts and dark chocolate both contain powerful antioxidants that prevent cell damage by neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body. In abundance is lutein and zeaxanthin, which aid in eye health by protecting them from light damage. Antioxidants also prevent the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, reducing the chances of developing clogged arteries.

    2. Lower Cholesterol: According to results from the Physician's Health Study, monounsaturated fats can lower levels of LDL while raising those of HDL (good) cholesterol. Cashew nuts contain excellent levels of these healthy fatty acids, which make up 66% of the total fat content. A diet high in nuts can effectively reduce the chances of cardiovascular and coronary disease.

    3. High Mineral Content: A 40-gram serving of cashews contains a daily recommended intake of 98% copper, 34% phosphorous, 33% manganese, 29% magnesium, and 21% zinc. The nuts also provide iron and selenium. Among the benefits of these minerals include energy production, promoting bone density, boosting immunity and enhancing utilization of red blood cells.

    4. Weight Loss: When eaten in moderation, cashew nuts can contribute towards weight loss owing to their serving of protein and fiber. The two nutrients increase satiety to prevent overeating during meals, with the fiber content also promoting digestive health.

    Shop With Us Today and Save

    Sincerely Nuts uses premium cashews and the finest chocolate, making us your best choice when looking to buy dark chocolate covered cashews online. And thanks to our perfectly sealed packaging, you can buy cashews dark chocolate in bulk and enjoy mouthwatering freshness for up to 6 months when stored under refrigeration. Another good reason to buy in bulk? When you purchase more than $60 of merchandise with your order, you receive free shipping.