Glazed Kiwi Slices - Sincerely Nuts
Glazed Kiwi Slices - Sincerely Nuts

Glazed Kiwi Slices

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    Glazed Kiwi Slices

    Glazed kiwi slices have the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Kiwis have a fantastic taste on their own, but we give them a little extra sweetness with a delicious coating of glazed sugar. This coat doesn't only give it a sweeter taste — it seals in the kiwi's freshness!

    These glazed kiwi slices will last much longer in your pantry than a kiwi fruit would last in your refrigerator. Aside from lasting longer, these treats are also highly versatile. You can break them up and put them on top of yogurt, decorate baked goods and more!

    Even when you just eat them on their own, our glazed kiwi slices make an amazing snack for any occasion. While you're just hanging out at home, you can pour out some of these glazed kiwi slices and munch on them while you read a book, work on the computer or watch TV. When you're planning a party, put some out to add a splash of color to your food spread and give your guests a unique food option. Or, pack some up and bring them with you on-the-go, whether you're heading out to school, going to work or running errands.

    Besides great taste and versatility, these glazed kiwi slices are a healthier snack compared to other options!

    Health Benefits of Kiwis

    When you're looking for a snack, you have tons of options available, including both healthy and unhealthy choices. While you may make your decision based on convenience, many prepackaged snacks are high in calories, fats, sodium and sugar. When you can, try picking a healthy option like our sliced and glazed kiwi. Some of the health benefits of eating kiwi are:

    1. A Healthier Digestive System: Like other fruit, kiwis have lots of fiber, which keeps your digestive system working smoothly and regularly. Kiwis are especially helpful in aiding your body with breaking down proteins.

    2. Strengthen Your Immune System: Kiwis are full of Vitamin C, a key nutrient in strengthening your immune system. A healthier immune system means you'll get sick less often, and even when you do, your symptoms may not be as severe or last as long.

    3. Manage Your Blood Pressure: Researchers found that a compound that helps lower blood pressure is found in higher levels in kiwis than in other fruits, like apples. Kiwis can help prevent blood clots from forming and lower your risk of stroke or heart attack.

    4. Help Your Eyes: Eating fruit three times a day can protect your eyes from vision loss. Kiwis contain both zeaxanthin and lutein, compounds that are especially helpful in protecting your eyes.

    5. Improve Lung Function: Even though kiwis are small fruits, they contain high levels of Vitamin C and other helpful antioxidants. These nutrients can improve lung function, helping those with asthma.

    With these health benefits, it seems like a no-brainer to pick healthy foods like kiwi to snack on!

    When you buy bulk glazed kiwi slices from Sincerely Nuts, you're choosing top-quality and exceptional customer service. You won't find a better selection of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and other snacks around!