Jumbo Black Raisins
Jumbo Black Raisins
Jumbo Black Raisins

Jumbo Black Raisins

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    Jumbo Black Raisins

    Raisins are dried grapes with exceptional nutritional qualities. They may be eaten raw or used for cooking or baking. Not only have they long been considered a superfood, but they taste wonderful! In fact, they are a definite favorite among both adults and children.

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    Nutrient-Dense, Heart-Healthy Jumbo Black Raisins

    Why has a simple dried grape made such a splash to the point that it is consumed as a health tonic by mountaineers and trekkers? The answer lies in all the nutritious benefits of this deceptively simple ingredient.

    For instance, jumbo black raisins contain a high amount of glucose and fructose, both of which provide instant energy. Plus, black raisins contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, including thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, iron, phosphorus and potassium. On top of this, a half a cup of raisins has around 3.3 grams of fiber, which could be up to 24 percent of the recommended daily amount for your gender and age. Calcium, boron, antimicrobial compounds and several types of antioxidants are also beneficial nutrients in black raisins.

    In other words, you would be hard-pressed to find a tinier food that can offer so many nutrients while tasting delicious! So eat up — jumbo black raisins are good for you.

    Cooking and Preparing Food With Bulk Jumbo Black Raisins

    Are you wondering how in the world you will be able to get all the health benefits from jumbo black raisins if you only eat them from the palm of your hand? There are plenty of ways for you to incorporate black raisins into your every day favorite recipes. Consider the following ideas to spruce up your meals with jumbo black raisins:

    • Stir them into hot cereals like grits and steel cut oatmeal. You will not need any added sugars to get sweetness and flavor.
    • Spoon them into yogurt and chilled fresh-cut fruit salads for added texture and a touch of earthy sweetness.
    • Incorporate them into your morning energy-blasting smoothie, including green smoothies that may be too tart.
    • Stir them into batters for cakes, pies, custards, puddings, brownies and cookies instead of using candies.
    • Top all your savory salads, including those with meats and seafood, with a generous helping of jumbo black raisins.
    • Chop them up and knead them into your favorite white, wheat, rye or gluten-free bread recipe. Add other raisins or dried currants for a boost of antioxidants and visual interest.
    • Sprinkle some on top of cream-based soups or mix them into meat gravies.
    • Top regular unsweetened cereals with jumbo black raisins rather than adding sugars.

    Be sure to keep your bulk jumbo black raisins in a place where you can easily reach for them when you need them. You might be surprised at how often you end up using them to enhance some of your old favorites.

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