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Milk Chocolate Almonds (Sugar Free) - Sincerely Nuts

Milk Chocolate Almonds (Sugar Free)

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    Milk Chocolate Almonds Sugar-Free

    These sugar free chocolate almonds blend deliciousness with total wholesomeness. As the rich milk chocolate melts in your mouth, the nuts underneath provide a healthy mix of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and antioxidants. Whether you buy sugar free milk chocolate almonds in bulk or grab a 1lb bag, you’ll experience total freshness courtesy of the superior packaging.

    Health Benefits of Almonds

    When it comes to snacking smart, almonds are an excellent choice to satisfy your cravings and still keep your body in shape. Here's what makes our sugar-free milk chocolate almonds both delicious and nutritious for guilt-free snacking:

    1. Regulate Blood Sugar: The chocolate almonds sugar free profile is complemented with high soluble fiber and low carbohydrate content, leading to better control of blood sugar. Almonds are also rich in magnesium, with a quarter-cup serving containing 15% of the daily recommended intake, which is used to manage metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.

    2. High Mineral Content: Almonds contain a healthy serving of biotin, manganese, copper, phosphorous and potassium. These minerals help to metabolize carbohydrates and fats, enhance energy production, and build stronger bones and teeth. Almonds are also rich in protein, with one ounce delivering 6g. Protein not only helps to repair body tissue, but also leads to a greater feeling of fullness to prevent overeating.

    3. Rich in Antioxidants: A 23-gram serving of almonds provides 40% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E, with the skin containing high levels of polyphenol antioxidants. Vitamin E is vital in maintaining healthy skin and prevents oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol), reducing the chances of the arteries getting clogged.

    4. Weight Management: Sugar free chocolate with almonds is high in fiber, with one ounce providing 3.5g of this digestion-friendly nutrient. Fiber, together with protein, helps to increase satiety, leading to lower caloric intake during meals. The high magnesium content that leads to lower levels of blood sugar also reduces food cravings.

    Best Uses for Milk Chocolate Almonds Sugar-Free

    Our sugar-free milk chocolate almonds are perfect for snacking on by themselves, but that's not the only way you can enjoy these sweet, salty treats. If you're looking for some creative ways to use our almonds in recipes or more complex snacks, we have some fun suggestions for you. Try our sugar-free milk chocolate almonds in:

    • Almond Bark: Want to enjoy the flavor of our almonds in a bulkier treat? Try making your own chocolate almond bark using our delicious chocolate-covered almonds. Melt down your desired amount in a saucepan until you have a liquid chocolate concoction filled with almonds, then pour the mixture onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet and let it harden. Break into small pieces to savor candy-bar style!
    • Trail Mix: Add our delicious sugar-free milk chocolate almonds to your homemade trail mixes! Combine with berries, seeds, granola, other nuts and the ingredients of your choice for a tasty, nutritious snack.
    • Granola Bars: If you make your own homemade granola bars, our chocolate-covered almonds are a healthy but sweet choice to incorporate into every bar.
    • Baked Goods: Baking a beautiful banana bread or a batch of cookies? Substitute our sugar-free milk chocolate almonds for chocolate chips, add them into your cake batter or sprinkle them on top of your bread for a crunchy, sweet crust.

    Buy Sugar-Free Chocolate Almonds Online

    Ready for a taste? Order sugar-free milk chocolate almonds from Sincerely Nuts today. We offer bulk options and free shipping on orders over $60.

    Sincerely Nuts uses only premium quality ingredients, making us the prime destination to buy sugar-free chocolate covered almonds online!