Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix (Sugar Free) - Sincerely Nuts
Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix (Sugar Free) - Sincerely Nuts

Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix (Sugar Free)

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    Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix

    This milk chocolate bridge mix is everything you'd expect in this classic treat: incredibly flavorful, enticingly crunchy, and packed with a wholesome serving of nutrients. We also don't add any sugar to make this chocolate trail mix a great snack for diabetics or anyone looking to cut down on the calories.

    You'll love the chocolate covered peanuts, raisins, almonds and pecans that give this treat its tasty edge. And these aren't just any regular ingredients. We source the best from USA, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam to give you premium quality in every bite.

    When you buy sugar-free Milk Chocolate Bridge mix online from us, you also experience irresistible freshness thanks to our superior packaging. You're guaranteed of receiving this bridge mix candy in great condition regardless of the weather, all complemented by the friendliest customer service around.

    What Makes Bulk Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix Taste Sweet

    From the first bite of our sugar-free chocolate bridge mix, you will notice that it tastes sweet. However, it does not contain any sugar. So where does the sweetness come from?

    The answer lies in maltitol, which is produced using natural sugar alcohols. It is slightly less sweet than sugar but provides tons of taste that many people prefer, especially if they are on a low-sugar diet. It also adds fewer calories than regular sugar.

    If you are new to eating sugar-free chocolate bridge mix, we recommend that you start by eating just a few pieces at a time. This helps your body adjust better to maltitol, which may be a new ingredient for your system.

    Can You Cook With Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix?

    Do you love to make recipes that would call for bridge mix coated in yummy chocolate? You can absolutely substitute sugar-free chocolate bridge mix for any place where you would ordinarily use a regular chocolate bridge mix.

    For instance, try chilling and then crushing your sugar-free chocolate bridge mix to add it to batters, cookie dough, bar dough or even smoothies. The taste will be fantastic, and it will add an extra texture and crunch to whatever you are making. Additionally, crushed sugar-free chocolate bridge mix for sale can be used to top iced cakes and pies, as well as sundaes.

    Be creative and confident in your kitchen: Experiment with sugar-free chocolate bridge mix whenever you want to explore something extra special for you, your family or your guests.

    Should Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix Be Frozen or Refrigerated?

    Ideally, you will want to store your bulk sugar-free chocolate bridge mix in a cool, dry and dark place. However, this does not mean keeping it in a refrigerator or freezer for too long. Chilling chocolate for more than a few hours can cause a change in its appearance, followed by an alteration of the flavor.

    Of course, if you like having cold sugar free chocolate bridge mix to munch on, we recommend tossing a handful in a bowl and popping it into the fridge for an hour. That way, you can get the treat you want without affecting the whole bag of sugar-free chocolate bridge mix!