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Toffee Mixed Nuts

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    Toffee Mixed Nuts

    These toffee nuts blend a nutty taste, sugary coating, and a lip smacking crunch to create a treat you simply won't keep your hands off. We've used the best butter toffee pecans, almonds, cashews and peanuts from the USA and Vietnam to ensure nothing but premium quality in every bite. This is a great pick-me-up snack to see you through any day, packed with enough energy to give you a nice jolt whenever you need it. And a healthy jolt it is! Butter toffee peanuts, almonds, pecans and cashews are rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fiber and healthy fats that promote heart health. And we ensure every bag is perfectly sealed to deliver all that wholesomeness in uncompromising condition.

    Indulge Without the Bulge When You Purchase Toffee-Flavored Mixed Nuts

    Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? So many people do. You might love eating dessert, but you hate what it does to your waistline if you aren't careful about what you eat. Instead of biting into a brownie or a sugar-laden scoop of ice cream, why not substitute our toffee mixed nuts? They provide the perfect balance of both worlds. They have enough sweetness to satisfy your craving but also the health benefits you crave in your diet.

    You won't need to feel guilty when you enjoy our toffee mixed nuts after lunch or dinner. And best of all, they have such a rich taste that you only need a few to feel satisfied. You can have your dessert without eating up your entire daily calorie allowance.

    How to Enjoy Our Toffee-Flavored Mixed Nuts

    Of course, you can eat our nuts by the handful right out of the bag — we certainly do! But you can also incorporate our nuts into other meals or build a snack around them. Here are a few combinations for snacking that we love:

    • Our nuts and an apple: The crispness of the apple nicely offsets the crunchy nuts.
    • Our nuts and string cheese: Savory string cheese has protein to complement what you already get from the nuts.
    • Our nuts and a cup of reduced-fat milk: The cold milk perfectly balances the sweetness of the nuts.

    Other customers love to bake with our toffee mixed nuts. You can substitute them for pecans, walnuts, almonds and more in baked goods for a unique taste people will remember long after they've sampled your cookies or muffins.

    Health Benefits of Toffee Mixed Nuts

    1. Heart Healthy: Toffee almonds, peanuts and cashews contain high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids that lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol. This improved lipid ratio leads to reduced incidences of heart disease and strokes.

    2. Rich in Protein: The mix of nuts delivers a good serving of protein, which is instrumental in the repair and growth of body tissue. People on restricted diets, such as vegans and vegetarians, can get much needed protein in their diet by consuming a regular portion of nuts.

    3. Mineral Dense: The assortment of butter toffee cashews, almonds, pecans and peanuts contains manganese that aids in energy production, iron that is involved in healthy functioning of red blood cells, and magnesium that promotes proper bone formation. The nuts also provide zinc, calcium, phosphorous and potassium.

    4. Healthy Fiber: Mixed nuts are an excellent source of fiber that helps to promote digestive health. It also works with protein to increase satiety, leading to lower calorie intake during meals.

    Buy Toffee Mixed Nuts Online

    We offer bulk options for purchasing our toffee mixed nuts. The bigger the bag you buy, the lower the price per pound. Plus, when you stock up, you won't run out, and you get free shipping on orders of more than $60. If you're looking for a mix between premium quality and superior customer service, then count on Sincerely Nuts to buy butter toffee nuts online!