Wasabi Blast Mix - Sincerely Nuts
Wasabi Blast Mix - Sincerely Nuts
Wasabi Blast Mix - Sincerely Nuts

Wasabi Blast Mix

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    Wasabi Blast Mix

    Our wasabi blast mix is the perfect treat for lovers of spice and everything nice. We've combined over eight highly nutritious and incredibly tasty ingredients to create this all-time favorite spicy wasabi mix. Every serving contains green peas, edamame, rice crackers, sesame seeds, seaweeds, and soy nuts. Together, they provide an extensive range of minerals and vitamins, alongside digestion-friendly fiber, antioxidants, protein and heart-friendly fats. But what sets this trail mix apart from anything else is our spicy wasabi seasoning that provides some delicious heat to go with the crunch. We've also added a touch of salt and sugar to really balance out the flavor. Buy wasabi crunch mix in bulk to always have a healthy treat in your pantry whenever the hunger pangs hit. This mix is also great for parties, with the beautiful shades of green, yellow, white, black and red giving any snack table a splash of enticing color.

    Find More Ways to Enjoy Our Wasabi Blast Mix

    Wasabi blast snack mix is such a delicious, savory treat, you will want to eat it at every meal — and you can! We have some fun suggestions for incorporating this snack into your food all day long:

    • Breakfast: When you scramble your eggs, add a handful of snack mix to the pan and saute until it's slightly browned.
    • Lunch: Our salty trail mix makes an ideal topping for salad — you may not even need dressing.
    • Dinner: Incorporate this zingy trail mix into a beef, pork or chicken stir fry.

    You can always eat it as a snack between meals, too. There's no bad time to sample our trail mix.

    Health Benefits of Wasabi Blast Mix

    1. Healthy Protein: This trail mix is a great source of vegetable protein, with the edamame providing all the essential amino acids that the body doesn't produce. Protein is key in tissue growth and also increases a feeling of fullness.

    2. Mineral Rich: The ingredients provide iron for red blood cell production, calcium for bone health, magnesium for blood pressure regulation and zinc for acne control. They also contain phosphorous, selenium, manganese and copper.

    3. Powerful Antioxidants: Compounds such as sesaminol and p-coumaric acid possess antioxidant properties, scavenging harmful free radicals in the body that are responsible for premature ageing and the development of cancerous tumors.

    4. Healthy Vitamins: The wasabi crunch mix contains vitamin C that is essential in boosting the immune system, and a variety of B vitamins that nourish the brain to prevent age-related degenerative conditions.

    Buy Bulk Wasabi Blast Snack Mix

    Experience unmatched freshness when you buy wasabi trail mix online from us. You can purchase in bulk to save money. You receive a lower price-per-pound when you buy more, and our unique packaging keeps it ready to eat for up to six months. Also, when you spend over $60 with us, ground shipping is free. Place your order for wasabi blast snack mix today.