Poppy Seeds

Order Poppy Seeds Online to Improve Your Health

If you like cooking with chia or flax seeds, enjoying the nuttiness and nutritional benefits they add to every dish, you will love experimenting with poppy seeds. These small seeds have a unique taste that makes them a popular add-on for rolls and hamburger buns. But you can also use poppy seeds in different recipes for a deeper flavor, such as:

  • Salad dressing
  • Stir-fry
  • Bulgur, quinoa or other grain-based salads
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Don’t forget about dessert, either! The savoriness of poppy seeds makes a welcome contrast with sweets that contain fruit. It also complements sour or bitter ingredients, like lemon and almond. You can sprinkle foods you are about to serve, like chicken or rice casseroles, with poppy seeds as well to give them a slightly different-from-the-norm flavor.

Whatever you make with Spanish poppy seeds, you will enjoy the many nutritional benefits, too. The seeds are high in fiber and antioxidants. They naturally help decrease levels of bad cholesterol while increasing levels of good cholesterol. When you purchase poppy seeds to use in your recipes, you also receive high doses of iron, copper, magnesium and more essential minerals. The folate and thiamin in poppy seeds have been shown to help fight the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Buy Bulk or Small Quantities of Fresh Poppy Seeds

At Sincerely Nuts, we love introducing people to new ingredients that become staples in their cooking, and we offer multiple buying options for our customers. You can purchase poppy seeds in 1-lb, 5-lb or 25-lb bags, depending on how much you plan to use. These seeds will stay fresh and tasty in the bag. With an order of more than $60, we’ll give you free shipping, too. Get in touch today to add poppy seeds to your pantry. 

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