Pumpkin Yellow Seeds (Roasted, Unsalted) - Sincerely Nuts
Pumpkin Yellow Seeds (Roasted, Unsalted) - Sincerely Nuts
Pumpkin Yellow Seeds (Roasted,  Unsalted)

Pumpkin Yellow Seeds (Roasted, Unsalted)

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    Pumpkin Yellow Seeds (Roasted, Unsalted)

    Our yellow pumpkin seeds are great for adding into a trail mix or simply snacking straight from the bag. We create this delectable treat by first sourcing the best pepitas from China, and enforce strict quality control to ensure that everything from the taste, color, and shape are just right. We then deliciously roast them without adding any salt. What results is a healthy snack that you'll always want to have around. And we mean really healthy! Pumpkin seeds may look tiny, but they pack a serious punch of wholesomeness that rivals and exceeds most other seeds and nuts. They contain minerals, vitamins, heart-friendly fats, antioxidants, protein and fiber. And with our superior packaging, you're assured of enjoying all these nutrients without any risk of staleness.

    Buy Your Roasted and Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds for Delicious Recipes

    Pumpkin seeds have a nutty yet mild flavor that makes them an outstanding mix-in for just about any recipe. They deliver a hearty dose of fiber, too, so when you add them to any recipe, they increase its nutritional value. Try these unique ideas: 

    • You can stir some pumpkin seeds into muffin batter of any kind to make your breakfast foods a bit heartier. 
    • Try pumpkin seeds in your pancake batter to give them a new twist. You can slice bananas or drop some blueberries in as well to up the antioxidant count even further. 
    • You may even want to try our yellow pumpkin seeds in your cookie batter. Substitute them for pecans or almonds for a trail mix-style cookie people will be begging for more of when you bring them to an office party or even your kid's soccer game. 

    Pumpkin seeds offer a great way to balance out the high sugar and fat content of so many baked goods. While everyone loves to indulge in dessert, they don't want those indulgences to gather on their waistline. Pumpkin seeds help to give recipes such as cookies and muffins more nutritional value. You can even reduce the amount of sugar you add to your recipes while tossing in the seeds. The result? Baked goods with a distinctive flavor that everyone will crave. 

    Snack on Our Pumpkin Seeds Roasted and Unsalted by Making Your Own Flavor Combinations

    When you purchase unsalted pumpkin seeds, you have a unique opportunity to make these snacks your own. No one has added any seasoning to them. You can decide what type of flavor you want on your seeds. Spread them on a cookie sheet and spray with a bit of olive oil. Then sprinkle whatever seasonings you crave over your snack. You can go for sweet-and-salty combos or make a more savory combination. Here are a few ideas to get you started:  

    • Paprika and cajun spices
    • Brown sugar and cinnamon — you can drizzle the seeds with butter before shaking these on for a carmelizing effect
    • Garlic powder, ground black pepper and Parmesan cheese
    • Maple syrup and bacon bits
    • Pink salt and white pepper
    • Cayenne pepper and white sugar 

    Of course, you can also go for the classic recipe and sprinkle the seeds with just a little kosher salt. After you have added your preferred spices, pop the cookie sheet in a preheated oven at 300 degrees for about 45 minutes. Stir the seeds every 10 minutes or so to ensure they don't burn. Keep a close eye on them, as every oven is different, and you may need to pull them out early. Once they are cooked, let them cool completely before storing in an airtight container for several days.

    Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

    1. Minerals and Vitamins: A 100-gram serving of pumpkin seeds provides a recommended daily intake of 198% manganese, 149% copper, 148% magnesium and 110% iron. They are also a good source of calcium, zinc, phosphorous and selenium. The vitamins provided include thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid and folates.

    2. Skin Health: With 237% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E, pepita seeds actively contribute toward the health of the skin and mucus membrane. The antioxidant neutralizes the action of harmful free radicals to achieve this. It also slows down rancidity, allowing you to safely buy yellow roasted unsalted pumpkin seeds in bulk.

    3. Heart Health: The seeds are rich in oleic acid, which lowers levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising those of HDL (good) cholesterol. This improved ratio reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    4. Promotes Sleep: Pepitas contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is converted into melatonin, the sleep hormone, in the body. A handful of the seeds before going to bed can lead to a restful night's sleep.

    Buy Bulk Pumpkin Seeds Roasted and Unsalted for Your Pantry

    Our yellow pumpkin seeds can store for months in cool conditions, so it pays to order them in bulk and stock up. Plus, you receive discounts when you buy bigger quantities. We offer free shipping on orders of more than $60. Top this all off with the friendliest customer service, and you'll never look elsewhere to buy roasted unsalted yellow pumpkin seeds online.