Glazed Peaches (Australian Recipe) - Sincerely Nuts
Glazed Peaches (Australian Recipe) - Sincerely Nuts

Glazed Peaches (Australian Recipe)

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    Glazed Peaches (Australian Recipe)

    Our Australian glazed peaches have the unique and sweet taste of a peach with a little something extra. The peaches are coated with some light crystallized sugar, giving them a bit more sweetness than a fresh peach. But the coating doesn't just add flavor to the peaches — it also keeps them much fresher. When you buy fresh peaches, they only last a few days in the refrigerator. With these glazed peaches, you can keep them in your pantry much longer, making it easier to satisfy your craving!

    These glazed peaches' amazing taste makes them the perfect snack for all kinds of different occasions! When you're relaxing or working at home, you can munch on the glazed peaches while you watch TV, work on your computer or do other activities. When you're on the go, pack some of the peaches for lunch at work or school or while you're taking a trip in the car. If you're planning a party, put some of the glazed peaches out to add a pop of color to your food spread and to give your guests a unique snack option.

    Whatever your reason is for munching on these glazed peaches, you'll also enjoy some health benefits from choosing this snack instead of an unhealthy option.

    Health Benefits of Peaches

    When you're out shopping and looking for snacks, you have tons of options! From convenient prepackaged items to picking up ingredients to make snacks at home, you have a lot of choices! It's easy to reach for those convenient snacks, but chips, cookies and gummy snacks aren't very healthy options. When you can, it's better to reach for more nutritious snacks.

    When you snack on these glazed Australian peaches, you can enjoy the following health benefits:

    1. Strengthen Your Immune System: Peaches are a good source of Vitamin C, which makes your immune system healthier and ready to ward off infection. Vitamin C can also get rid of compounds in your body that cause some cancers.

    2. Helps Your Night Vision and Skin: Peaches contain Vitamin A and a compound that turns into Vitamin A after being eaten. Including Vitamin A in your diet can help prevent night vision problems and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

    3. Heart Health: When you think of fruits that contain potassium, bananas are probably the first that come to mind. But, peaches are also a good source of potassium! Potassium helps keep your heart healthy, so it can maintain a regular heart rate and blood pressure.

    When you start snacking on our glazed peaches, they may just become one of your favorite new snacks! They have a fantastic taste and are a much healthier option compared to other snacks that are high in fats, calories and sodium.

    When you buy glazed peaches from Sincerely Nut, you can buy in bulk or in smaller quantities. Like all our products, our glazed Australian peaches are of the highest quality, and you will experience excellent customer service when you shop with us.