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Jumbo Golden Raisin - Sincerely Nuts

Jumbo Golden Raisin

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    Jumbo Golden Raisins

    Jumbo golden raisins are big, golden amber colored yummy raisins, sourced from certain seedless variety of grapes. Eaten directly as a snack or incorporated as a part of salads and breakfast cereal, they add a good punch of chewy and sweet fruitiness to any meal. Order bulk jumbo golden raisins today from Sincerely Nuts and have them shipped right to your door.

    Heart-Healthy Jumbo Golden Raisins

    These softer and juicier forms of ordinary golden raisins are cholesterol free and are fortified with minerals like potassium. In fact, jumbo golden raisins are very high in three main nutrients, namely vitamin A, calcium and iron. This is precisely why Jumbo golden raisins have been identified as one of the world’s most nutritious and healthy dried fruits which can be easily digested for quick energy.

    Recent research has proven that regular consumption of jumbo golden raisins has a direct and positive correlation to a reduced risk of diseases like colon cancer and certain cardiovascular diseases. Why not add them to your diet, especially if you crave sweet treats?

    Add Jumbo Golden Raisins to Everyday Eating

    Although tons of people love to snack on jumbo golden raisins straight from the bag, others buy bulk jumbo golden raisins to use in the kitchen. And why not? Jumbo golden raisins are a terrific ingredient to add a bit of flavor, sassiness, sweetness, charm and sophistication to everyday dishes.

    Not sure how to use jumbo golden raisins during food preparation? Try these tips:

    • Add them to yogurts and fruit salads.
    • Top hot and cold cereals with them.
    • Add them to cake and cookie batters before baking.
    • Add them to baked chicken or pork dishes.
    • Sprinkle them on top of savory salads for a sweet kick.
    • Sprinkle them on cream-based soups.
    • Incorporate them into smoothies for texture and flavor depth.
    • Sprinkle them inside peanut butter sandwiches.

    Whenever you could use a bit of natural sweetness, jumbo golden raisins can be your secret ingredient.

    Storing Hints for Bulk Jumbo Golden Raisins

    After you buy your jumbo golden raisins, you may want to transfer them to airtight, sealed containers or bags. When kept in cool, dark places, jumbo golden raisins can last for many months. You can also freeze them, although you will want to fully thaw them before using.

    Buy Jumbo Golden Raisins for Upcoming Celebrations

    Are you making homemade gifts for an upcoming holiday or another special occasion? Many individuals and families are choosing to create their own gift baskets and boxes. Why not make a special trail mix with a base of jumbo golden raisins for your friends and family? Simply start with jumbo golden raisins and add other Sincerely Nuts products, such as tree nuts, sesame brittle and other dried fruits? Your unique energy snack mix will be sure to please every palate on your gift list!

    Order jumbo golden raisins today and have them delivered right to your home or workplace. Enjoying the fruit of the earth has never been so easy or tasty!