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Matlow's Crystal Mint - Sincerely Nuts

Matlow's Crystal Mint

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    Matlow's Crystal Mints

    Matlow's Crystal Mints are great party mints manufactured by Matlow in England. These crystal clear hard candies are flavored with classic mint essence and are deliciously fresh in taste. These mint candies are solid and hard, and are devoid of any kind of fillings. They give you the perfectly fresh and cool breath and have a sweet and energizing tangy taste. Each candy is individually wrapped in transparent cellophane. These mints dissolve slowly and delightfully in your mouth.

    When you think of mint, the first thing you probably think of is the great scent. People use crystal mints candy to freshen their breath. You can pop in a Matlow's mint after eating a meal filled with garlic and onions. You'll feel a lot less self-conscious when you know your breath smells good.

    Use Matlow's Crystal Mints at Parties and Events

    There are so many different ways you can enjoy our clear mint candy. Do you like to put a dish of sweets on your desk for others at work to enjoy? Put a container of these mints on your desk and watch how fast they go. You may become the most popular person in your office — especially after lunch breaks, when people want to freshen their breath before their afternoon meetings.

    Our mints also make a terrific treat for parties and other special events. Here are a few creative ideas for using crystal mints the next time you host something at your home:
    • Baby shower: Wrap a handful of mints in cellophane and tie around a baby rattle for a fun party giveaway.
    • Kids' birthday party: Make the mints into a guessing game. Gather a bunch in a jar and have kids write down their guesses for how many mints are inside. The winner gets to take the mints home.
    • Dinner party: Sprinkle mints around your serving trays for a unique and eye-catching decoration that guests can help themselves to after dinner.
    Mints are more than just post-meal treats. You may also want to crush them up to put in cookies or on top of ice cream. Put a few out for your book club to enjoy while you discuss your latest tome or encourage your kids to pop one after school as a low-calorie alternative to the dessert-type snacks they beg for. Plus, mint has loads of health advantages you will appreciate.

    The Health Benefits of Mint

    1. Decreases GI distress: Do you experience post-meal stomach pain or bloating? Cut out that discomfort by enjoying an after-dinner mint. Mint sparks the flow of bile, which can ease stomach and intestine pains.

    2. High in antioxidants: Like so many of the nuts and dried fruits sold by Sincerely Nuts, mint has high levels of antioxidants. In fact, they have a greater ratio of antioxidants than just about any other food.

    3. Fight off allergies: Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? The rosmarinic acid in mint can help to calm them.

    4. End a cold: When you're hacking and coughing from a cold, a dose of mint can make you feel better. The menthol in mint can break up mucus and phlegm and even help ease the rawness of a sore throat.


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