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Okra Chips

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    Okra chips are deliciously crunchy, rich in flavor, and low in calories, for a treat you'll never want to lack in your pantry. Okra is widely enjoyed as a delicacy in Africa, also going by okro, ladies fingers, bamia and gumbo in various parts of the world. It's known for its high serving of fiber that is essential for a healthy digestive system alongside wholesome minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Okra can be enjoyed in many ways, but these crispy chips with their irresistible texture is one of the most delicious. After importing the finest dried okra from China, we add a touch of salt to tease out the flavor and carefully pack it to preserve the freshness. So every bite is as flavorful and scrumptious as the day it was whipped up. Buy dried okra chips online from us and experience a mix of friendly customer service, fast shipping and premium quality.

    Give Your Kids Healthy After-School Snacks With Dried Okra

    Do your children pile off the bus demanding snacks every afternoon? Growing their brains is hard work, and they need nourishment to keep them energized and engaged through the hours of homework, sports practice and music lessons after the school day is over. Keep them going by adding dried okra chips to your snack rotation.

    Lower in fat than traditional chips — and with less grease, too — okra chips will satisfy their craving for salty food. When you put out a pile of dried okra snacks, you will be surprised at how quickly they fly off the table — that's because these snacks have the crunch kids crave. They're also lower in calories than other after-school treats you can serve, such as crackers or cookies.

    Of course, you don't have to limit all the snacking action to the kids. Adults can benefit from a big dose of daily okra chips, as well. If you love to snack, you may find you indulge right along with your children in bags of unhealthy potato chips or other fried foods. Instead, substitute okra chips to get a hearty dose of nutrients while also satisfying that salty craving.

    You can combine okra chips with other snacking favorites, too. Try them in a trail mix or dip them in guacamole for a spicier treat.

    Add Dried Okra Chips to Your Meals

    Okra chips are for more than just snacking, though. You can also turn them into a delicious part of any other meal. They make a fantastic addition to a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Try out these ideas to add their zippy flavor to some of your favorites:

    • Breakfast: Crumble okra chips into scrambled eggs, or add them to a sausage and hash brown casserole.
    • LunchChop up okra chips and include in a salad. You can even use them as croutons for a lower-calorie, higher-nutrient alternative, or layer them onto a sandwich for a new and different take.
    • Dinner: Crush okra chips and blend them with breadcrumbs to make a delicious coating for chicken fingers or fish sticks. Add a few chopped okra chips as a garnish to a stir-fry.

    Don't be afraid to get creative with your okra chips — in fact, you should try to incorporate these nutrient-dense veggies into your diet every day if you can. You might want to sub crushed okra chips for breadcrumbs in your favorite recipes, or even try them sprinkled over a yogurt parfait for an unforgettable salty-sweet combo. Have fun with new ideas!

    Health Benefits of Okra Chips

    1. Eye and Skin Health: With 22% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A in a 100-gram serving, dehydrated lady fingers promote skin and eye health owing to the powerful antioxidant activity. Aside from vitamin A, okra contains lutein and zeaxantin that are absorbed into the eye to reduce the risk of developing age-related macular disorder.

    2. Digestive Health: Okra chips bulk is not only rich in fiber, but also contains mucilage that prevents constipation by promoting smooth movement of food in the digestive tract. Fiber also prevents the exposure time of the colon to toxins, protecting the sensitive lining.

    3. Minerals and Vitamins: Ochro provides iron for red blood cell production, calcium for bone health, and magnesium for blood pressure regulation. It also contains brain-nourishing B-vitamins such as riboflavin and thiamin.

    4. Strong Immunity: Okra contains 36% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in 100 grams, which boosts the immunity system to protect the body from disease.

    Purchase Dried Okra Snacks From Sincerely Nuts

    Stock up your pantry with okra chips so you won't run out the next time you crave a healthy snack. When you buy from us in bulk, you save money, receiving the lowest price per pound on your order. You also get free shipping when you spend more than $60 on an order from Sincerely Nuts. Contact us today to get your okra chips.