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Oriental Rice Snacks - Sincerely Nuts

Oriental Rice Snacks

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    Oriental Rice Snacks

    How about a snack with a spicy and exciting oriental tang? Ready-to-eat Oriental Rice Snacks are the right choice. These baked snacks are free of cholesterol and saturated fat.

    Oriental rice crackers are not just tasty. They also are economical, especially when you buy your Oriental snack mix from Sincerely Nuts. Remember that all orders of $60 or more lead to free shipping, so stock up on all your favorites!

    Smart Snacking With Oriental Rice Mix

    Moving to a healthier diet plan can seem overwhelming at first. Fortunately, treats like Oriental rice snacks make it simpler than you ever thought possible.

    Below are some tried-and-true ways to get on the path to eating better all day, every day:

    • Take some Oriental rice mix with you to your workplace. Leave some in airtight containers in your desk. That way, you will never be tempted to head to the vending machine or coffee bar for mid-afternoon snacks.
    • Incorporate Oriental rice snack mix into your favorite high-energy trail mix. The Oriental rice crackers will add some snap and new flavors.
    • Transfer your bulk Oriental rice mix to individual serving pouches the day your shipment arrives. This makes it a no-brainer to grab-and-go just the right amount of rice crackers when you need them.
    • Toss out all your high-fat, low-enjoyment chips and pretzels as soon as your Oriental snack mix arrives. The more convenient you make your Oriental rice mix, the more likely you will be to reach for it.
    • Plan to eat your Oriental rice crackers with fresh veggies. For instance, you may want to make up a plate of equal parts baby carrots, sliced red bell peppers, cucumber slices and Oriental rice mix. Go back and forth between your treats to ensure your taste buds never get bored.

    Innovative Kitchen Uses for Oriental Snack Mix

    Aside from eating Oriental rice mix right from a bowl or bag, you can also get a creative by using it in your cooking. If you love to experiment with recipes and dishes, you will appreciate these fun substitutions:

    • Crush Oriental rice snack mix into a fine powder and use in place of breadcrumbs. The spices function well as a coating for chicken breasts, white fish and pork medallions.
    • Add a handful of Oriental rice snacks into your meatloaf or stuffing before baking. The light, airy textures will update the meal.
    • Sprinkle Oriental rice mix onto all your salads instead of using croutons.
    • Top your soups and stews with a spoonful or two of Oriental rice snacks right before serving.

    There is no end to the inventive ways you can use Oriental rice snacks! Buy Oriental rice mix from Sincerely Nuts and have it delivered right to your door. Be sure to browse our other high-quality products to find incredible foods sourced from around the world to boost your diet.

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