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Prunes Pitted

Prunes Pitted

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    Pitted Prunes

    Our pitted prunes are premium quality, perfect for both cooking and eating alone. Not only do our pitted prunes taste extremely sweet, but they contain no added sugar. This makes them ideal for calorie conscious people, too. Order bulk pitted prunes today from Sincerely Nuts.

    Health Advantages of Pitted Prunes

    If you have not indulged in pitted prunes for a while, you might not realize what you are missing. Prunes are simply dried plums, bursting with fresh, sweet flavor. Plus, they offer several significant nutritional advantages to other types of fresh and dried fruits.

    Some of the biggest benefits pitted prunes offer include:

    • Digestive assistance. Pitted prunes are very high in fiber, so they help with digestion. For centuries, people who had stomach issues regularly relied on pitted prunes to resolve their problems.
    • Electrolyte improvement. Many individuals are deficient in potassium. Fortunately, pitted prunes contain high quantities of this electrolyte. Just eating a handful of pitted prunes a day could improve blood pressure and heart function.
    • Vitamin improvement. Prunes have high concentrations of vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B6 and riboflavin, among other vitamins and minerals. Eating them can, therefore, help round out anyone's diet.
    • Iron increase. Another element naturally found in pitted prunes is iron. People prone to anemia often eat prunes to avoid becoming iron-deficient, which can cause fatigue.
    • Appetite reduction. With all their fiber, pitted prunes are quite filling. This leaves people able to feel full longer after indulging in pitted prunes instead of empty calorie snacks and sugary treats.

    Best of all, pitted prunes have an irresistible flavor you will love! Buy pitted prunes from Sincerely Nuts today.

    Cooking With Pitted Prunes

    Pitted prunes can be eaten right out of the bag. However, they also belong in any kitchen. After all, these dried fruits are quite versatile and can rev up your favorite dishes.

    Not accustomed to working with pitted prunes as a cook? Incorporate them into your diet through these easy methods:

    • Chop a few pitted prunes into tiny, bite-sized pieces and scatter them on the top of a green, savory vegetable salad with balsamic dressing.
    • Slice pitted prunes thinly and lay them on top of a bowl of Greek yogurt. Add a drizzle of honey, if desired.
    • Chop pitted prunes into smaller pieces and substitute them for chocolate chips in your preferred cookie recipe. You can also add them to zucchini bread, carrot cake and other homemade sweet treats.
    • Chop one or two pitted prunes and add them to your next sauce to pour over baked chicken breasts. The sweetness will add an interesting, new flavor to your dish.
    • Sprinkle chopped or sliced pitted prunes on soft-serve ice cream, ice milk or frozen yogurt for a healthier warm-weather treat.
    • Knead chopped pitted prunes into your bread recipe. Add other dried fruits, such as golden or black raisins, for an attractive appearance.

    It is hard to go wrong when you explore the wide world of cooking with pitted prunes.

    Buy bulk pitted prunes for your home or office today. Contact Sincerely Nuts to place your order online.