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Sour Patch Kids

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    Sour Patch Kids

    Do you remember the first time you tried Sour Patch Kids candy? Maybe you were at a movie theater and you bought a box without having ever tasted them before. From the moment you popped one in your mouth, you knew these sweet-and-sour candies would have a permanent spot in your movie theater snacking rotation and well beyond.

    Sour Patch Kids have a distinctive flavor no other sweet can match, which is why they appeal to everyone. The sour patch kids are soft and chewy sour candies deliciously sweet in taste with a thin coating of sandy sour crystal grains for added crunch and texture. These are a great blend of yummy and juicy fruit flavors like lime, lemon, apple, orange, cherry and more.

    Sour Patch Kids Nutrition: How Does It Stack Up?

    Sour Patch Kids are candy, of course, and because of that, the first thing on their list of ingredients is sugar. You should be careful to monitor your intake of these scrumptious treats so you don’t have a sugar crash a few hours later.

    But compared to other candies, Sour Patch Kids have a decent nutritional profile. They don’t have any fat, and endurance athletes often suck on them during a workout to keep their glucose stores high. They make a terrific addition to a salty trail mix to balance out the flavor profile. You can also use Sour Patch Kids:

    • In holiday baskets or stockings
    • At concession stands for kids’ athletic events
    • To fill up piñatas or birthday party bags

    Are you ready to get your fill of Sour Patch Kids by stocking up your pantry? You can purchase them in bulk from Sincerely Nuts. We offer reduced prices per pound when you opt for larger quantities of your favorite candies, nuts or dried fruits. And you can get free shipping on orders of more than $60. Contact us today to place yours.