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Spicy Corn Kernels - Sincerely Nuts
Spicy Corn Kernels

Spicy Corn Kernels

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    Spicy Corn Kernels

    Our spiced corn kernels are perfect for anyone who loves a bit of heat with their treat. Made using premium corn kernels dusted with paprika and other exciting spices, this snack always ought to be by your side. Whether you're headed to work, school or the gym, just crunch away a handful and give your taste buds a treat like none other. And it's not just your tongue that will be relishing every bite, the rest of your body will too. These corn kernels with spice are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and powerful antioxidants. They are also filled with wholesome energy to see you through the day.

    Use Our Spicy Corn Kernels in Recipes

    You don’t have to be an expert cook to use our spicy corn kernels in the kitchen — you can incorporate these tasty, fiery add-ins with just about any recipe. Put them in sweet treats to add a savory element to the mix, or try them in main courses to increase the different textures in the meal. You’re sure to enjoy whatever you try.

    You can also get an added dose of fiber and carbohydrates when you cook with our corn kernels. We like the way their grit balances out more delicate dishes. You can add them to just about any recipe, but here are a few of our favorite ideas:

    • Breakfast: Toss corn kernels into scrambled eggs to give them a little heat. If you really love hot food, you can squirt some hot sauce on top, too.
    • Lunch: Make a wrap with pulled pork and our spicy kernels. Balance out the spice with a squirt of ranch dressing before you roll up your lunch.
    • Dinner: Sprinkle corn into soups, stews or chilis. It will get softer as it simmers, and some of the spice will seep into the broth, kicking up the flavor.

    No matter what combination you decide to try, you will enjoy cooking with our spicy corn.

    Health Benefits of Corn

    1. Rich in Minerals: Corn contains manganese, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc. These minerals help in bone formation, energy production and proper functioning of the thyroid. Corn nuts also contain vitamin A, B and E.

    2. Digestive Health: A cup of corn kernels provides 4-6 grams of fiber. Aside from promoting movement of food in the intestines, fiber supports the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, which ensures better digestion of food.

    3. Blood Sugar Control: Corn can aid in the regulation of blood sugar owing to its healthy ratio of protein and fiber. The two nutrients ensure a consistent movement of food in the digestive tract, steadying the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

    4. Powerful Antioxidants: With an excellent serving of lutein and zeaxanthin, corn effectively promotes eye health. The antioxidants prevent oxidative damage of the eyes by blue light and also protect other cells from damage by free radicals.

    Buy Spicy Corn Kernels in Bulk

    You can count on Sincerely Nuts to buy spicy corn kernels online and treat yourself to quality and freshness you won't soon forget. You can even confidently buy corn kernels spicy in bulk and enjoy all the goodness for up to 6 months when stored under refrigeration. You’ll receive free shipping on your order when you spend more than $60 with us. Get in touch today to begin your purchase.