Sunflower Seeds Roasted & Salted In shell - Sincerely Nuts
Sunflower Seeds Roasted & Salted In shell - Sincerely Nuts

Sunflower Seeds Roasted & Salted In shell

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    Colossal  Sunflower Seeds Roasted Salted (In Shell)

    Looking for a premium snack that won’t ever let your taste buds down? You can’t do much better than these colossal shelled sunflower seeds. They’re huge, which means you get to enjoy every tasty bite even more. You can incorporate them into your daily diet, getting all the benefits inherent in sunflower seeds as efficiently — and deliciously! — as possible.

    Even kids love eating shelled sunflower seeds in all their favorite meals, or potentially right from the package. And you’ll love indulging without a twinge of guilt. Buy shelled sunflower seeds in bulk today from SincerelyNuts and discover why they’re increasing in popularity.

    Power-Packed for Munching Pleasure

    These giant sunflower seeds are a filling snack packed with a powerful punch of nutrients. And they are some of the highest quality seeds around too. We scour the USA for the finest unshelled mammoth sunflower seeds, ensuring that we treat you to nothing but premium quality. We then freshly roast them and add a light touch of salt to create a snack that you won't get tired of. They make a great addition to salads, pastries, and can even be used to add texture to meat and poultry. Whatever you use them for, you won't fail to notice the mouthwatering freshness that has made Sincerely Nuts the chief source to buy roasted salted colossal sunflower seeds online. This is made possible by our diligent packaging that seals in the flavor and the wholesome serving of body-loving nutrients.

    Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

    1. Mineral Rich: A 100-gram serving of sunflower seeds provides a recommended daily intake of 200% copper, 96% selenium, 94% phosphorous, 85% manganese, 81% magnesium and 45% zinc. These minerals are involved in red blood cell production, bone formation, blood pressure control, vascular health and hormone regulation.

    2. Powerful Antioxidants: Sunflower seeds are rich in polyphenol antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid, quinic acid and caffeic acids. They prevent cell damage by neutralizing the action of harmful free radicals in the body.

    3. Skin Health: 100 grams of American giants sunflower seeds provide 234% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E, which promotes the health of the skin and mucosa. It also slows down rancidity, allowing you to safely buy colossal sunflower seeds in bulk.

    4. Healthy Protein: The seeds are a good source of protein with 37% of the recommended daily intake in a 100-gram serving. This nutrient is crucial in tissue growth and repair, as well as promoting a feeling of fullness.

    Buy colossal sunflower seeds roasted salted (in shell) online from us and experience a mix of premium quality, unmatched freshness and unrivaled value. Be sure to store them in a cool, dry area of your pantry for maximum tastiness every time you need them. SincerelyNuts has all your favorite sunflower seed types, from salted to unsalted, shelled and in shell, and everything in between. We’re your go-to site for sunflower seeds!