Assorted Sesame Sticks Gift Tray
Assorted Sesame Sticks Gift Tray

Assorted Sesame Sticks Gift Tray

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    Sesame Sticks Gift Tray: Sesame Sticks Salted, Sesame Sticks Honey Roasted, Sesame Sticks Oat Bran, Sesame Sticks Cheddar, Sesame Sticks Garlic, Sesame Sticks Cajun

    Give your taste buds a delectable treat with our super scrumptious assorted sesame sticks gift tray. We’ve crammed it with 5 of our most popular sesame sticks! Every snack mix tray comes with kosher certified salted, cheddar, garlic, oat bran, and honey roasted sesame sticks. So you’ll have the delish opportunity of lavishing your palate with a ravishing rainbow of flavors ranging from sweet, salty, spicy, to enticingly nutty. Looking for the perfect assorted sesame sticks gift tray to surprise that special someone? Well, we’ve done everything to ensure that this sesame stick gift set will be a tantalizing hit. All the sticks are handpicked to treat you to unmatched quality, every tray is carefully sealed to preserve the mouthwatering freshness, and the delicious sesame sticks come presented in an eye-catching 5-sectional round wooden gift tray that exudes a premium feel. Experience a mix of superior freshness, fast shipping, superior customer service, and the best prices with Sincerely Nuts.

    Here are some of the wholesome benefits of this assorted sesame sticks gift tray:

    1. Digestive Health: The sesame snack sticks are rich in dietary fiber, which works as a bulk laxative to prevent constipation, colitis and bloating. Fiber also supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and prevents absorption of cholesterol-binding bile.

    2. Circulatory Health: Sesame sticks are an exceptional source of iron, containing 182% of the mineral’s daily recommended intake in a 100-gram serving. Iron ensures optimal production of red blood cells and delivery of oxygen to tissues.

    3. Mineral Rich: The sesame sticks in this gourmet gift tray provide copper for energy production, manganese for antioxidant activation, zinc for acne control, and magnesium for blood pressure regulation.

    4. Skin Health: Antioxidants in the form of sesamol and sesaminol prevent harmful free radicals from destroying skin cells, effectively fight fine wrinkles, and promote radiant-looking skin.