Brazil Nut Flour
Brazil Nut Flour

Brazil Nut Flour

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    Brazil Nut Flour

    Brazil Nut Flour is a great alternative to wheat-based flour, and can be used to bake breads, muffins and cookies while adding a delicious nutty taste. Brazil nut meal contains a wholesome serving of healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and selenium. We make it easy for you to buy Brazil nut flour in bulk thanks to our diligent packaging, which perfectly preserves the freshness for up to 6 months when stored under refrigeration.

    If you have a gluten sensitivity, then you can't use traditional flour. Many people also prefer to limit the gluten in their diet to cut down on bloating and fatigue. Brazil nut flour still allows you to make your favorite recipes without the gluten you find in traditional flour. With a slightly different texture and taste, Brazil nut flour also adds a new layer of taste to any dish. It's an easy substitute for any baking endeavor.

    Why Should You Use Brazil Nut Flour?

    Even those who have no gluten issues find Brazil nut flour makes a tasty swap for wheat-based flour. Why should you incorporate it into your diet? You gain a number of advantages, such as:

    • More fiber: Brazil nut flour has a substantial amount of fiber you won't find in traditional flour. This helps keep bowel movements regular and leaves you feeling full for longer.
    • Enhanced flavor: Taste matters when it comes to traditional flour substitutes. You want something that won't give off a chemical aftertaste. The pleasant nut flavor of this flour makes it a fantastic alternative.
    • Excellent texture: Flour needs to bind to the wet ingredients of a recipe to work, and our Brazil nut flour makes an ideal swap-out thanks to its unique texture.

    Have some fun with your family by substituting Brazil nut flour in one of their favorite recipes without telling them beforehand. When they exclaim over the even better taste of the recipe, let them in on your secret. They will demand you buy this flour again and again.

    Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

    1. Cardiovascular Health: Brazil nuts are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that have been proven by multiple studies to lower LDL, the cholesterol responsible for heart problems. The monounsaturated fats also raise levels of HDL that are beneficial to the body, creating a healthy cholesterol balance that prevents heart ailments.

    2. High Mineral Content: A 50-gram serving of Brazil nuts provides a recommended dietary intake of 97% copper, 47% magnesium, 26% manganese, 15% iron and 18% zinc. These minerals have far-reaching effects in the body including aiding in energy production, immunity boosting, proper functioning of the nervous system, and enhancing bone density. 7.5% of nut flour bulk is also made of fiber, which promotes digestive health.

    3. Hormone Function: With its high serving of selenium, Brazil nuts promote proper functioning of the thyroid gland. 50 grams of the nuts provide 1923% of selenium's daily recommended allowance, enhancing optimal production, distribution and regulation of hormones, which in turn leads to improved body processes.

    4. Rich in Antioxidants: Brazil nuts contain 52% of vitamin E's RDA in a 100 gram serving, which works as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals in the body. Apart from increasing the skin's elasticity, vitamin E prevents the oxidation of LDL, reducing the chance of developing atherosclerosis.

    Buy Bulk Brazil Nut Flour From Sincerely Nuts

    Stock your pantry by purchasing in bulk from us, making sure you always have flour on hand when you need it. Plus, when you make a larger order, you get a lower price per pound on your product. You can get free shipping when you spend more than $60. Buy Brazil nut flour online from Sincerely Nuts and treat yourself to uncompromising quality!