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Dried Plums - Sincerely Nuts
Dried Plums

Dried Plums

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    Dried Plums

    Combining a delicious combo between tart, sweet and deliciously chewy, these dried plums will make you go sincerely nuts.

    We stock jumbo-sized California-grown Angelino plums that are renowned the world over for their rich flavor and irresistible texture. They also look as enticing as they taste. Order dried plums online and have them shipped right to your home or office for immediate eating pleasure.

    Using Dried Plums in the Kitchen

    You do not have to be a renowned chef to use dried plums to your advantage every time you prepare food. The contrast between the deep red skin and yellow interior is great for decorating desserts and adding a dash of color to fruit salads. You can also mix the dried plums into your morning cereal or just rip open a bag and enjoy the incomparable flavor.

    Other ways to incorporate bulk dried plums into your everyday and special dishes include:

    • Chop them up and use them instead of raisins in cookies, quick breads, cakes and pies.
    • Cut them up and stir them into your yogurt.
    • Chop up pieces of dried plums to add to a fresh fruit salad.
    • Mix chopped-up dried plums into a vegetable dip or hummus.

    Trying to diet? Plums are ideal for weight loss thanks to their mix of low calories and fiber, and also contain health-boosting minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. So start adding them into your foods for more flavor than you thought was possible on a clean, wholesome diet plan.

    Storage Tips for Bulk Dried Plums

    Wondering how you can make sure your bulk dried plums stay fresh and ready for use? This fantastic fruit can keep without refrigeration for up to 3 months, which turns into 6 months when stored in the fridge. So confidently buy dried plums in bulk and never miss a fix of deliciousness in your pantry.

    Health Benefits of Plums

    When you purchase dried plums for regular use, you get a snack that tastes amazing and is incredibly healthy, too. Check out the many advantages of incorporating dried plums into everyday dishes:

    1. Digestive Health: A 100 gram serving of California plums provides 3.5% of the recommended daily intake of fiber. The fruit also contain sorbitol and isatin- compounds that work with the fiber to promote smooth movement of food in the gut and prevent constipation.

    2. Antioxidant Action: Plums have an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 6259, which ranks highly compared to other fruits. Antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin protect cells in the body by neutralizing the action of harmful free radicals.

    3. Mineral Rich: Sweet dried plums contain copper and manganese for energy production, iron for red blood cell utilization, magnesium and phosphorous for bone health, and selenium for optimal hormone regulation.

    4. Stronger Immunity: With 16% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in a 100-gram serving, plums boost the body's defenses against disease, with the vitamin also aiding in vascular health.

    Experience unmatched freshness and premium quality when you buy dried plums online from us.