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Glazed Lemon Slices - Sincerely Nuts

Glazed Lemon Slices

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    Glazed Lemon Slices

    If you love the taste of citrus but don't like the tartness as much, then these glazed lemon slices are the perfect snack! After you give them a try, they'll become a snack you want to keep your pantry stocked up with! The lemons are thinly sliced and coated with a light crystallized sugar coating. Along with giving the lemon slices a much sweeter taste, the coat of sugar keeps in the freshness. You can keep these glazed lemon slices in your pantry much longer than a few lemons would last in the refrigerator.

    Their great taste and ability to stay fresher for longer, our glazed lemon slices are a great snack for all kinds of different occasions. They're easy to eat, making them a great portable snack to take when you're on the go. Heading out to sports practice, going on errands or traveling? No problem! Even when you're just relaxing at home, you can munch on them while you watch TV, read a book or do other activities. And, when you're hosting a party, their bright color will add a great look to your food spread!

    No matter the occasion, you'll love snacking on these glazed lemon slices. On top of their fantastic flavor, you'll enjoy some health benefits from eating them, too!

    Health Benefits of Lemon

    When you're shopping for snacks, you have tons of options available! From prepackaged foods to homemade snacks, there are all kinds of delicious possibilities out there. But, some snacks just aren't good for us. Chips, cookies and gummy snacks are all easy to eat and keep around the house, but they aren't healthy. When we can, reaching for a healthier snack like these glazed lemon slices is always the better choice!

    Some of the health benefits of adding more lemon to your diet are:

    1. A Healthier Heart: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that improves your heart health. Eating lemons can reduce your risk for stroke and heart disease and even lower cholesterol.

    2. Weight Control: Lemons contain pectin, a compound that can make us feel fuller longer. However, this evidence needs more research to confirm these weight loss effects.

    3. Improve Iron Levels: There isn't much iron in lemons themselves, but they do contain a compound that helps improve your body's ability to take iron from other foods. This is especially helpful for those with anemia.

    4. Lower Risk of Cancer: More research needs to be done, but some studies show that certain things found in lemons can have anti-cancer effects, which may lower your risk.

    5. Better Digestive System: By eating the whole lemon slice, you'll benefit from the fiber found in the lemon's pulp. This fiber helps improve your digestive health and can also help balance blood sugar levels.

    With so many health benefits, pick up your glazed lemon slices in bulk from Sincerely Nuts! When you buy these delicious glazed lemon slices, you'll enjoy the highest quality and exceptional customer service.