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Glazed Pears Halves - Sincerely Nuts

Glazed Pears Halves

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    Glazed Pears (Halves)

    Pears have that juicy, sweet and almost citrus-like taste to them. You can eat them fresh on their own or add them to salads, cake and other dishes. Now, you can eat them in another way, too!

    Our glazed pear halves have the pear taste you love with a crystallized sugar coating. The sugar coating gives the fruit a little extra sweetness and also locks in the freshness. Compared to storing fresh fruit in the refrigerator, these glazed pears will keep much longer in your pantry!

    Aside from their amazing taste, our glazed pear halves are a versatile food. You can munch on them by themselves when you need a snack or use them as an ingredient in other foods.

    Cut up the pear halves and add them to some of your favorite foods. Add a healthy option to your favorite trail mix, put them into a yogurt parfait or mix them into the batter of some baked goods! These dishes will become even more delicious after you add our glazed pear halves.

    They also make a fantastic snack for different occasions. Munch on them at home or while you're on the go — they transport easily and are easy to eat, too! When you're looking for foods to put out at your next party, the glazed pears will add a fun splash of color to your spread and give guests a healthy and sweet pick.

    When you start eating pears regularly, you may also start seeing some great health benefits.

    Health Benefits of Pears

    When you're looking for snacks to keep in your home, you have so many options available. It's easy to reach for convenient, prepackaged snacks like chips, cookies or pretzels, but those picks aren't as good for our bodies as other options out there. When you can, it's always better to buy healthier snacks like our glazed pears!

    When you add pears to your regular diet, you may start seeing some of these health benefits:

    1. Help With Weight Loss: Pears are full of fiber, which helps us feel fuller for longer. If you're trying to lose weight, this is a huge help! And, pears are lower in calories, so you can eat more of them.

    2. Heart Health: Fiber also helps keep your heart healthy. It lowers your body's levels of bad cholesterol, keeping your vascular system healthier. It can also lower your risk for developing certain cardiovascular diseases.

    3. Better Digestion: Your digestive system is another system in your body that needs fiber. When you eat fiber more regularly, you're keeping your digestive tract healthy and regular. Pears can also help rid your digestive system of harmful toxins.

    4. Control Blood Sugar: Eating pears regularly can lower your risk for developing diabetes. For those with diabetes, eating pears can help keep your blood sugar levels at a more stable place.

    After seeing all of the benefits of eating pears, buy glazed pears in bulk from Sincerely Nuts! Our glazed pears have the highest quality, and you will have an excellent customer service experience when you shop with us.