Corn Kernels Roasted, Salted

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Corn Nuts

Are you an avid snacker and looking for healthy alternatives to enhance your lifestyle and simply enjoy unique tastes? Welcome to most preferred online resource for bulk and wholesale gourmet snacks by home consumers and commercial establishments like restaurants and clubs. We provide high quality snacks consisting of nuts, seeds, and a whole lot of other goodies that are sure to keep you munching nonstop. Corn nuts can be the perfect snack for those lazy afternoons or if you are just chilling out with your friends at home over drinks. Corn nuts are not actually nuts. It is made from a special large kerneled corn called Cuzoo that is roasted, toasted, or deep fried. It gets its name from the crunchy delight you get usually from nuts. Therefore, it is the rich texture that gives it its name.

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Corn nuts contain all the nutritional value offered by corn. It is high in carbohydrates, so it's great to keep the energy levels up. It is the rich taste that makes it a preferred snack alternative for people who have a cultured taste. Though corn nuts don't score terribly high on the nutrition chart, it is way better than those fried and baked snack alternatives that cost you your health for taste. These scrumptious goodies are great for storing at home and makes for a delectable treat at any time of the day. It makes for a great offering for guests who make a sudden call at your home.

Corn nuts make for a great snack item for the occasional late night TV sojourns as well. So, stocking up on this would be a great idea. We offer bulk and wholesale consignments of corn nuts at amazingly affordable prices. This is far less than what you would be offered at your neighborhood brick and mortar shop. We offer both corn nuts jumbo and corn nuts roasted, salted varieties.

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