Soybeans Whole Roasted Unsalted

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Soybeans Whole Roasted Salted

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Soy Nuts

Soynuts are a crunchy, tasty nut that makes a healthy snack on its own or becomes a delicious addition to a meal, enhancing whatever dish it’s added to. When you eat soynuts, you enjoy the many health benefits that come from soy and you also get a snack that helps satisfy a desire for a salty crunch. Kiss your potato chips goodbye and grab this healthy snack instead!

Soynuts boast great versatility. You can chow down on them straight out of the bag when you want a snack in between work and the gym. You can also add them to salads or soups to kick up the protein. You can even feed soynuts to your kids — the fun crunch and subtle flavor will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.

Soy nuts are high on calories and fat and hence, you just need a small helping of this everyday to make your day lively and filled with energy. Need some soy nuts? Stock up on our high quality soy nuts that are roasted at our own facility to preserve the natural goodness and wonderful taste it provides. Stock up on these tasty goodies and you can sprinkle them on your daily morning cereal or on your salad for lunch to give your day that extra pep.

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Order Roasted Soybeans for Snacks and More

We are one of the leading providers of high quality nuts, dried fruits, and other gourmet snacks in bulk and wholesale consignments. We provide our customers with the option of snacking healthy and help them to form the healthy habit of consuming naturally processed snacks that are high in nutrient value. At, we process our products in a way that ensures that our customers get uncompromised value for their money when it comes to taste and natural nutrition.

We take bulk orders of soy nuts in different varieties. You can try our whole roasted soyabeans that are salted and unsalted. We also provide bulk quantities of soy nuts splits roasted unsalted. You should also try our exclusive Edamame dried variety.

In essence, the soy nut is not actually a nut. It is made by drying and roasting soyabeans. They have a delectable crispy texture and a nutty flavor, which is why they are called soy nuts. We have a habit of calling anything that is crunchy in nature nuts. Well, if it gets you all the goodies, who cares what it's called.

Soybeans are the only plant proteins that provide all the essential amino acids. This makes it a resourceful option for people who prefer to stay from meat and fish. Some more good news, soy nuts are devoid of cholesterol. They are also a great natural source of isoflavones, which help to lower LDL cholesterol in your blood.

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