Welcome to Sincerely Nuts. You have found the ultimate motherlode of natural and healthy goodies right here. People have strange eating habits. They often ingest totally useless material and throw away a treasure trove of nutrition. Not many people know that a lot of the seeds you simply chuck away are actually delicious and have a higher nutritional value than the fruit or vegetable you just ate. For the uninitiated, we would like to shine the light.

At Sincerely Nuts, we provide you with a scrumptious delight of a variety of different seeds, treated naturally and processed under high-quality checks. We offer you salted and unsalted varieties of roasted sunflower seeds. For instance, we have the Israeli sunflower seeds that are roasted to a heavenly taste and offered in salted and unsalted versions so you can buy them as per your preference. Did you know that sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E? It also has an amazingly soothing effect on your mind.
Another winner on our list of Sincerely Nuts products includes the scrumptious pumpkin seeds or as they are more fondly known, Pepitas! We offer salted or unsalted, raw and in shell varieties. Pepitas make for a great addition to your favorite soups, salads and pastries. Take your cooking up to a whole new level with these mini taste bombs that makes your favorite delicacies explode inside your mouth. You need to know that pumpkin seeds have intrinsic properties that make them effective anti-inflammatory agents that are devoid of any kind of side effects. It's also interesting to note that they have the unbelievable characteristic of lightening up your mood! No... we are not joking. Of course, being natural, these miracle workers do not produce side effects that contemporary anti-depressant medications are infamous for. We bet you are starting to realize what you have been missing.

Of course, you have had your share of melons and you often think how irritating it was to get those watermelon seeds out of the way and spit them out. Well, you will be depressed to know that you have been spitting out rich nutrition power stores that contain iron, vitamins, potassium, and other useful fats and calories that are crucial for your everyday activity. The flesh of the watermelon is undoubtedly a great treat on a hot summer day; however, it is basically just water, and nothing else. Most of the nutritional value of the fruit is preserved in the seeds. We guarantee that our Israeli watermelon seeds that are available roasted and salted will be something you just cant stop munching on. You should also try our hulled sesame seeds as they are a treasure trove of minerals and make a great addition to salads and veggies, boosting its health quotient.

All seeds available from us can be ordered in large quantities, starting with 1 pound bags, going all the way up to 25 pound boxes. Feel free to return to our site and check out for our great offers designed for our online customers.Have you often felt the craving to much on something crunchy, delicious, and salty? In such a scenario, you would be reaching out for that bag of fried potato chips heaped with oil and taste-enhancing chemicals. You may as well stab yourself in the heart a couple of times. Throw away that bag of cholesterol boosters. Discover the healthy alternative