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Sucking Candy

If you a candy lover, you will definitely love to suck on the tasty and soothing sucking candy from Sincerely Nuts. After a rigorous workout, you can fuel your body and indulge your taste buds by sucking this hard candy. Sincerely Nuts offer sucking candy in various flavors and varieties. Butterscotch discs, whirly pop, tiger pop and unicorn pop are the lip smacking varieties available. You can buy them in bulk to make it more affordable to pamper your sweet tooth. The candies not only taste good, but also offer a lot of fun.

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Sunrise Butterscotch Discs

If you have a sweet tooth, you can treat it by a nice piece of sunrise butterscotch disc. This hard sucking candy will tickle your taste buds. They come in the shape of a disk and are wrapped individually. They are free from fat and cholesterol, so taste them after meal without the guilt. Butterscotch sucking candy from Sincerely Nuts also contains calcium and iron. They offer a toothsome way to get a daily dose of nutrients.  These candies have the best taste and flavor and they add to the fun of birthday parties. Give it to your child as a treat whenever he/she finishes his/her work on time.

Whirly Pop

Whirly pop candies from Sincerely Nuts are beautiful and delicious. They have different patterns, which enhance the fun. The twisting colors of these yummy candies will add an extra touch to any party. The cute shape and look will appeal to kids of any age. Choose 5 inch or 6.5 inch pops to enjoy a fun and fruity treat. They contain no fat and cholesterol, so you feel less guilty about enjoying the sucking candy. The flavor and sensation of sucking the whirly pop candy will surely be enjoyed by your loved ones. You can even try rainbow whirly pop to rev up your parties. They are great to take to carnivals and amusement parks. Suck on a piece of rainbow whirly pop candy at the end of your meal to get a satisfied feeling.

Tiger Pops

Tiger lollipops will surely capture the attention of every kid. They come in assorted colors and flavors, which make birthday parties, sports parties and other occasions more fun and colorful. The sturdy and lengthy stick helps you and your children to enjoy them without licking your fingers or knuckles accidentally.  They are perfect for everyone who love lollipops.

Unicorn Pops

The huge rainbow unicorn pop from Sincerely Nuts is perfect for party favors and a fun garnish. You can use them to decorate cakes. This sucking candy comes in bright colors, which enhance your joy. They have a fabulous flavor and taste. Made of quality ingredients like corn syrup, citric acid in fruit flavor and sugar, the pops will indulge your sweet tooth. The scrumptious sucking candy will help you get back your childhood memories. Pamper the kid in you by buying these pops. You can also make your child happy by gifting him/her a case of pops.