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Sugar Free Candy

Sugar free candies are good for diabetic patients, who want to treat their sweet tooth. They are low in calories and do not harm your oral health. You can find a range of taste tempting sugar free candy at Sincerely Nuts, which are delicious and flavorful. Sugar free orange N cream, wild cherries, EDA lemon, EDA assorted fruit and chocolate fudge chews are the yummiest varieties of sugar free candies offered by Sincerely Nuts. They are sweetened with Maltitol syrup that has the properties of taste and sweetness, which makes it ideal for making sugar free candy.

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Orange N Cream

Eating candies is a favorite pastime for many people. However, the candies are laden with sugar. Hence, diabetic patients and people who want to lose weight are not able to take candies. If you are one among them, you can get a solution to your sugar woes from Sincerely Nuts. Sugar free candy comes in fresh and delectable orange n cream flavor. It is good for your health and diabetic diet. It gives you a lot of fun without increasing the calorie intake.  You can take orange n cream candy after meal without the guilt. It is a perfect treat for anyone who loves the orange flavor.

Wild Cherry

The delicious wild cherry sugar free candy is beautiful and colorful. It is ideal for party favors. It has a tart and sweet taste. The wild cherry jelly beans are excellent addition to the menu of birthday parties and weddings.  They offer the punch of sour power, fruity flavor and taste.

Jolly Pops

Curbing your cravings for sweets is very difficult. With sugar free jelly pops from Sincerely Nuts, you no longer need to control your sugar cravings. The toothsome lollipops will indulge the child in you. You can even give these pops to children who are hyperactive.  Hyperactive children should cut desserts from their diet. You can treat your kids with these lollipops.  They offer you a chance to allow your child experience delicious sweet without worrying about his/her safety.  Sugar free jolly pops do not cause any oral health problem like tooth decay. They come in bright colors like orange, red, yellow and green. Hence, they are ideal for party favors and giveaways.

EDA Lemon

If you love citrus fruits, EDA lemon sugar free candy is a perfect choice for you. It comes in sour orange, green apple and cherry flavors, which keep your mouth puckered. They offer a fresh feel in your mouth. You can take these sugar free hard candies after meal. They are healthy alternative to sugary candies and desserts.

EDA Assorted Fruit

EDA assorted fruit candies are a delectable medley of blueberry, cherry, lemon lime, orange, peach, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon and green apple. They are so colorful that you can use them to decorate other candies.